Day 82-85: Whittling Them Down to Size

Day 82-85: Whittling Them Down to Size

Boar tribe main village was invaded:

After attacking some of the outlying villages and gaining the support of some hill giants, the party and its allied armies attack the Main village of the boar tribe. They blast through the defenses with magic and brute force, pushing the defenders back who retreat into a system of caves built into the mountainside. The party has their armies stand guard and subdue the remaining Boar Villagers while they venture into the tunnels. They are ambushed twice but quickly manage to overcome the boar tribe soldiers, through not unscathed. They eventually make their way into a strange room, where the dimensions seems wrong, the walls are covered in worked and unworked stone in random patterns, and pieces of metal plate stick out at odd angles. The party began exploring the room, finding an extrememely durable door in front of them. Suddenly a boar tribe warrior ran up from behind into the room and triggered a switch that shut down a large iron portcullis, trapping them in the room. They dispatched him through the bars with spells and arrows, but someone behind him cast a wall of stone blocking their line of sight. Then they heard the sounds of gears clicking and a pannel in the wall pulled up, allowing lava and poisonous fumes to start flowing into the room. The party quickly cast protection from fire on everyone and Luscian began using cold spells to halt the flow of the lava while everyone else tried to bust down the door. Eventually after several solid hits by Teneb and a disintegrate from Lucian the door finally gave out. And the party stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire, as many experienced Boar tribe spearmen along with a powerful shamen and mage using anti-magic field met them as they passed through the door. Teneb and Oberyn took many hits from the enemies, Oberyn used magic causing the spearmen to lose their grips on any weapons striking him, and Teneb just shrugging off the blows and wading into melee with the cleric. Luscian is attacked from behind through a trap door by another spearmen. Cathal gets into the room also taking many hits and fires upon the mage. After several rounds of viscous fighting the cleric and a few remaining combatants used magic to escape. The Main village of the boar tribe has been conquered.

Giant Tribes Liberated:
After liberating their villages and defeating the Boar tribe in the region the Hill Giants and Frost Giants firmly join the party’s cause on the condition that most of this territory become theirs and the humans leave them alone, with a small caveat for trade.
+50 Frost Giant fighters and +100 Hill Giant Barbarians

  • Ding ** Everyone is now level 15

Current Allied Armies:
600 Beranok Fighters and 300 Beranok Rangers led by High Lord Reinn and High Jarl Kord heading from Black Mountain Hold to attack Two Rivers Hold. 200 fighters and 100 rangers heading from Red Valley Hold to meet up and attack Two Rivers Hold.
100 Dwarves and 200 Bear tribe warriors are attacking the Devil Tribes remaining villages.
**200 Shifter rangers/druids, 200 Tattooed Tribe Barbarians, 100 hill giants, 50 frost giants marching to the lands of the Wolf Tribe to attack the Dragon and Boar Tribe armies.



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