Day 86-87: The Clash of Dragons

Day 86-87: The Clash of Dragons

After gathering their now formidable army of allies the party at last sets off to aid of the Wolf and Serpent Tribes. Their barbarian, giant, and shifter allies follow the party who set off at a breakneck pace riding Oberyn shape shifted into an Air elemental. They fly quickly but low near the treeline and manage to remain hidden from the Dragon Tribe dragon patrols. But they have the misfortune of travelling through the hunting grounds of a Ravenous Bandersnatch. Having seen dragons flying around overhead, the enormous feline has been stalking from tree to tree trying to jump up and grab anything flying too close to the tops. As oberyn flys by it leaps up and pounces upon him, dragging the entire party down to the ground with a thud. Luscian manages to feather fall down, but the rest of the party hits hard. Teneb immediatly engages it, provoking most of its attacks. Cathal and Oberyn are hit, but quickly get out of range. After a frantic first round of combat the party manages to quickly shoot, claw, bite, savage, slice, slash, gash, blast, hit, and main the bandersnatch to death despite its formidable defenses and fast healing. The party left the beast hidden as best they could to come collect the body/pelt later when they had time and continued on to towards the wall leading into the wolf tribe valley.

The party arrived at the wall to find it ruined; the gates broken down and the parapets scorched by dragon fire. As they explore the area they are ambushed by a scouting party of the Dragon Tribe. Cathal gives split second notice to the others and a fierce battle begins. Several frost and stone giants, along with 2 larger red and black colored ones, move towards the fighting. Teneb tries to negotiate with them, but his attempt is ruined by Luscian fireballing a group of giants. Teneb takes on half a dozen giants, including one of the huge ones himself, deflecting their thrown rocks and javelins. The huge female giant casts a powerful fire spell upon the party, but thanks to Luscian’s resist energy communal is is ineffective. Oberyn and his Feline companion tear through the ranks of the Barbarians, as Cathal snipes the leaders and spellcasters while invisible and hasted. When most of the dragon tribe and giants have been slain, the two Huge ones teleport away nursing grave wounds from Teneb’s sword, Cathal’s arrows, and Luscian’s cold spells. No sooner had that fight ended then several spells began to rain down upon the party, and then two red dragons with riders appear spewing out breathe weapons while their riders attack. After getting the worse of the exchange the two dragons soar away, casting invisibility and buffing themselves. They then return for another exchange of attacks, and after getting the worse of that exchange as well they flee. Teneb charms a remaining giant to tell a modified version of events when their allied giant army shows up. The party then waits for their allies who eventually arrive, as do a small contingent of Wolf Tribe combatants led by Brogar Dragonshaper and Mav’ka – the master of many forms.

When the allies arrive, the allies are patched up and they hold a war council and decide to move swiftly to attack the smaller Dragon Tribe army in the east. They march all night, resting briefly in the morning to regain spells, then attack the army. The party takes to the front lines, fighting the dragons and Fire giants (the new huge type of giant). After a fierce battle lasting hours the allied armies win, but took devastating losses in particular against the several dragon riders in the enemy army. With more than half their army dead or badly injured the party retook a nearby wolf tribe village and began triage and resting their troops.

Later in the day after some recovery, the Party had the idea to scry upon the dragon rider they had seen the day before. They do, and are rewarded by seeing a meeting between several dragon riders, the dragon tribe chieftain, and the Ancient Red Dragon who governs the tribe. Within moments of this, the ancient red dragon looked up and gave a nasty laugh and breathed her breathe weapon, destroying the skying spell. Soon thereafter a scrying spell appears above the party. The party assumes it’s the red dragon and then made the grave mistake of taunting the red dragon. Using magic Cathal and Luscian say that her dead mate (slain during the defeat of the barbarian horde) was both weak, delicious, and makes great armor. A few minutes later as the party continues to make plans, a female wolf tribe soldier walks up to them to and starts to talk. She thanks them for help and asks their plans. After some banter and discussion, and a detect magic spell cast by Luscian, the soldier walks up to Cathal and complements him on his armor. Cathal makes a witty response, to which the solider laughs, then then grabs him with one hand and hurles him against the wall of a nearby building. Teneb makes an attack against the soldier, but his critical strike barely manages to make a cut in the soldiers skin. The soldier then lets out a roar and turns into the Ancient Red Dragon. It attacks most of the party, hitting them so hard they are dazed. Only Teneb manages to keep from being dazed, and casts mirror image on himself. Oberyn casts summon natures ally and brings two Trex’s and a fire elemental into the fray. Luscian tries to cast greater dispel magic at the dragon, but it rebound upon him instead. The dragon back up and unleashes its massively powerful breathe weapon upon the party and the surrounding area. Many buildings are set on fire, and dozens of allied troops are melted, Oberyns animal companion is killed. LuscianIt then takes to the air and circles around for another pass. Mavka turns into a white dragon, Brogar hops on her back and they pursue. Teneb casts fly from a scoll and follows. Cathal takes many shots at the Dragon, but few find their mark. Luscian lets off spell after spell, but doesn’t manage to penetrate the dragons many defenses. After several rounds of trading blows and spells, the Dragon flys off at full speed wounded. The party uses this time to heal and buff up. But so does the dragon, and it soon returns. Cathal shouts a warning , oberyn hits it with fairy fire, teneb charges and hits it, Luscian casts a fire Icy prison which rebounds upon him. The dragon uses its breathe weapon again, through the party’s resist fire prevents much of the damage. Cathal is very badly injured and hides in a burning building, Luscian is knocked unconscous and later healed by Oberyn. The dragon is eventually hit by a dazing persistant fireball that penetrates its SR, overcomes its resiest energy, and that it fails to save against. It drifts towards the ground for 3 rounds as the party unleashes their full power upon it. With 1 hp remaining the dragon takes its full movement speed and flys as far away as it can. The party gathers together and using Luscian’s last teleport they all appear in range for one last attack, Cathal hits it with 2 arrows, Teneb Strikes it with Ravager, Oberyn and Luscian both hit it with spells…… and the Ancient Red Dragon falls to the ground dead.

The most powerful red dragon in the land, the greatest threat in the north, the mightiest foe yet confronted by the party has been defeated.

Yet the party’s celebratory mood is shattered as it view the full might of the remaining dragon and boar tribes marching upon their army, only several hours away.

Next Session***********

With no time to regain new spells or for their allies to heal, the party must defend against the rest of the Dragon tribes army, along with its Fire Giant allies, 2 dragon riders, and its powerful half Dragon Chieftain.



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