Day 87-89: The Resolution in the North

Day 87-89: The Resolution in the North

The party and their allies hunkered down in the ruins of the wolf tribe town and prepared to defend against the remaining armies of the Boar and Dragon tribes plus their Giant allies and Dragon Riders.
*they prepared to cast wall of fire and earth to mud in front of the wall to help the battle, each positioned themselves leading or accompanying an army to help against the leaders of the other side, sent the frost and hill giants to the north + used 2 scrolls of sending to let them communicate with their tribesmen in the Boar army and plan to unify and attack the Boar, and made plans to join up after a few exchanges of the army and attack the leaders. Teneb also raised the Ancient Red Dragon as a bloody skeleton and had it lay in wait to attack.

The shifters laid in wait and fired upon the incoming Barbarians, mostly targeting the Lizard riders, then retreated back towards the town. Most of the Barbarians charged after but when they got close the earth to mud and wall of fire combined with dirty tricks and false retreat to allow the shifters and wolfriders to completely wipe out the lizard riders and damage many others. The tattooed tribe defended the wall, the giants flung boulders from range in the north supported by the dragon skeleton, and the wolf riders engaged the fire giants in hit and run tactics in the south. The shifters held in the middle shifting fire to whoever needed help.

The Boar tribe attacked the skeleton dragon and the traitorous giants, the Dragon tribe army attacked the shifters and the wall using catapults to destroy it, the Dragon riders hit the shifters and tattooed tribe but for very little, and the fire giants and the wolf riders traded ineffective blows.

The party then grouped up and attacked the dragon riders, which their armies were having trouble damaging. Teneb cast fly from a scroll, Oberyn became an air elemental, and Cathal and Luscian hopped up on him and off they flew. Luscian cast a few spells including communal fire resistance on the party and greater invisibility and heroism on Cathal, who then proceeded to sneak attack to his hearts content as they chassed around the dragon riders. Teneb and Cathal brought down 2 of the three dragons, dropping one rider to the ground and forcing the Dragon Chieftain to fly using his own slower speed. Teneb traded a few blows with the chieftain and got the worse of the deal. Cathal shot his a few times and Lucian hit him with magic missile twice. But he managed to get a full attack in and scoring 1 hit and one crit upon Cathal, killed the noble archer and his body fell crashing to the ground. He also hit both Oberyn and Luscian very hard, stunning Luscian. As Teneb rejoined the battle to cover their retreat – both sides backed off to recover and lead one more round of army combat.

The skeleton was destroyed, but will rise again in an hour. The giants w/ Teneb and his Barbarian cohort managed to damage the Boar army enough that it retreated. The wolf riders under Mav’ka and Brogar routed the Fire Giant army, but were forced back from the two leaders who were able to fall back safely. The shifters and Tattooed barbarians did heavy damage to the Dragon tribe army, and its Cheiftain finally called for a retreat.

The Two armies backed off to lick their wounds – and this gave the party some time to think and recover. Many charges of cure light wounds wands were expended this day!! Having no way to raise dead handy, Mav’ka used reincarnate on Cathal, who while initially unwilling to return eventually was convinced. However his body was changed to that of a shifter, altering his ability scores and other features. Lukcily his bow Equalizer still was attuned to him.

With most resources expends and no more tricks up their sleeve to better the odds – the party approached the enemy army in an attempt to negotiate peace. The two enemy Chieftains and both Fire Giant leaders agreed to negotiate terms, but mandated it be concluded quickly. They knew if the party and its allies were able to rest for the night they would be likely be overwhelmed the next day, so their largest bargaining chip was the offer to avoid a mutual slaughter that day. Both sides began to negotiate in good faith.

The Frost and Hill giant leaders (Big Zwik and Grog Humanthrower) wanted to reaffirm their ownership of the Boar tribes territory and spoils of war.

The Wolf/Serpent Tribe leaders wanted lasting peace and restitution from the Dragon Tribe.

The Shifters( Kr’al, Sha’ra)(Ra’lo died to the Ancient Red Dragon) wanted whatever Cathal told them to, which were the spoils of war.

The Tattooed Tribe under their new cheiftain Garog Skullbasher (Mord died to the Dragon Cheiftain) wanted the spoils of war.

The Boar tribe Chieftain wanted his remaining soldiers to leave alive and free, and also to get back their villagers who had been taken as slaves by the Bear/Tattoo/Giants.

The Dragon tribe Chieftain wanted his remaining soldiers to leave alive and free, and to have a guarantee that no vengeance would be carried out against his tribe.

The party wanted All, then most, then some of the Red Dragons Horde. (as they were talked down by the prospect of fighting the 4 remaining leaders RIGHT NOW).

The Party managed to come up with, and then Teneb managed to bargain for the following:

*Each faction (party, giants, shifters, wolf, tatoo) each were to recieve any two items from the Dragons horde along with 10,000 gp of coins/gems/goods as desired.

Party: +5 undead bane Starknife, 4.5k diamond, 10,000gp (I’d suggest in diamonds)

Wolf Tribe: +5 ki focus warhammer, 4k ruby, 10,000gp in goods // Also all spoils returned to them by Boar/Dragon

Shifters: HumanBane Oathbow, 4k Silver animal Statue, 10,000gp in items of beauty

Tatoo Tribe: +6 belt con (went to Dunar Rockskin), +1 dragonhide plate, 10,000gp in equipment

Giants: 1 powerful arcane and 1 powerful divine scroll, 10,000gp in scrolls and gems, everyone agrees to their ownership of the previously Boar tribe lands.

*Boar tribe joins with the Dragon Tribe, agrees to offer a 200 mercenary army led by the cheiftain to help the party, which will pay 2100gp a week (can be value of returned people), in addition they recieve all their children back and 25% of their captive adult population. Additional can be purchased back for 100-500gp value each on a case by case basis.

*Dragon tribe agrees to lasting peace with all involved parties which the Chieftain swears in front everyone, they agree to pay the restitution’s/spoils to the other groups, they agree to have trade and communication with the other groups.

Next two days***
-Everyone gets to rest that night (now day 88). The Boar and Dragon Armies head home, sans the 200 mercenaries who stay. Luscian teleports a few people to the Dragon tribe to collect their restitution w/ the Dragon Chieftain. Oberyn leaves to commune with Liandra in the hope of receiving a new animal companion. The shifter army begain traveling both with magic and more mundane means back to the south to join up with Reinn’s army. The Tattoo and Boar tribe armies march down to join up with the Bear/Dwarvern armies besieging the devil tribe. The giant armies return to their territory.

The party decides after some advice to include the Horse tribe on their peace talks/agreement as they are now the strongest remaining tribe in the north. Teneb and Luscian help work out an agreement with the other tribes/groups of the previous peace that includes the Dragons and Wolf and giant ceding some territory to the horse tribe, in exchange for peace. In addition the Horse tribe agree to enforce peace between the other groups and also to hold a place of trade and discussion once a month where all groups can meet in safety. They plan to include the Bear/Jaguar/Dwarves + any other tribes in the area as well.

Information Relayed via sending from Allies or discovered by teleporting to and getting reports during the two days.PLEASE READ.

Armies of Lerwein led by Drasko and Darrell have conquered Mardis, killing Arch-Duke Edwin Mardinis and defeating Archmage Gerard Helyas. They attacked the capital by surprise, taking palace and killing most of the leadership. They also captured the Magical Academy, killing ~45, but dominating or coercing most of the rest of the adult students to join their side. The Earls and Barons of Mardis either joined them or fell one by one.
-1800 soldiers killed, 1300 new soldiers gained
An army of 500 along with 1000 mercenaries also secured Reslin in the North-East, killing the 500 troops there loyal to the Arch-Duke.

At the same time the Duke of Halych, Nicholas Mayre, and the Duke of Iraklion, Renard Gryfford were manipulated into fighting each other by magic and traitorous retainers. As the two armies met on the field, those loyal to the two dukes were abandoned by many traitorous Earls and Barons. The traitors then surrounded the two Ducal armies who were then mostly annihilated by lightning eruptions caused by 50 dancing Vrocks. The survivors were then hunted down, and two Earls were crowned. Earl Jonas Hammond became the Duke of Halych, and Earl guy Cobham became the new Duke of Iraklion. Both have sworn fealty to the new Arch-Duke of Lerwein, Darrell Lerweinis.
-5250 soldiers killed, 5500 new soldiers sworn to the new Dukes and the New Arch-Duke. Another ~2000 Mercenaries hired to enforce the new order and reinforce the borders.

Hundreds of soldiers traveling to the Beranok/Mal’tara borders of Fleid.

Renostrii attacked by Covaris

Advancing Raul’zil army
-2500 troops to start
-250 raul’zil troops killed by traps, 300 killed by ambush
-100 covaris mercenaries and soldiers died in attempt
-1900 left, 500 advance to borders of Lerwein, 1000 occupy Sanctus, 900 march to reinforce the Renostrii

Renostrii holdings:
-Paratus, Reslin, Martas, Sestrus, Lerwein, Laketown holdings all attacked
-50 to 100 Renostrii family/troops/retainers killed in each, ~25,000gp of value seized in each
-10 to 20 covaris mercenaries and soldiers died in attempt

Covaris Holdings:
-Sanctus seized by Raul’zil
-Holdings in Sestrus seized by Renostrii, almost nothing left to loot

She’Sua insurgents supported by Covaris Clan attacked Renostrus border, 1 fortress taken, 2 towns and the capital were attacked, ~900 Renostrii family/troops/retainers killed, and ~ 500 mercenaries, soldiers, allies of Covaris killed.

War in Beranok

Avis Defended Two-Rivers against Reinn. After two days of brutal combat, Avis retreated to Sky-Tower Hold putting Two rivers and ~10 smaller holds to the torch on the way.

Lerwein Losses: -2 OoTBW dead(destroyed), ~400 mercenary army lost, ~100 crossbowmen, 70 infantry, and ~40 knights died.
Beranok Losses: -30 shifters, 180 rangers, and 260 fighters died

Sky-Tower hold fortified by Avis, The north now held by Reinn whos troops split to confront the undead near the entrace to the dwarvern area and also march on sky-tower.

-Kord injured
- 70 shifters, 240 fighters, 320 rangers left approaching skytower.

War for Dwarvern Stronghold
Undead Army: Saa’rid, Vampire Oracle, Vampire sorcerer, 10 devourers
-Under the leadership of Saa’rid the undead army has finally broken through the two Inner gates of the Dwarves and have made it into the upper tunnels. Skirmishes are constant as the undead push farther and farther in and the Dwarves struggle to defend against vastly superior numbers and the powerful undead leaders.
-Undead: ~1000 6HD skeletons losses/1000 remaining, 5 Devourer dead/ 10 remaining, 200 ghouls lost/ 100 remaining
-Dwarves: ~200 Dwarves dead, 600 remaining in tunnels

Barbarian War in the North:

Bear Tribe and Dwarvern Army:
-minimal losses taking 2 small devil tribe villages, some women and children kept alive, most Devil tribe members killed as they resisted. Main Devil tribe village is under siege, the outer area has been conquered by the Dwarves cannot take the inner area. Both attempts to penetrate have been disastrous and the attackers met with Devil/Demon and heavy magic. The Dwarves are now content to fortify and pen in the remaining Devil Tribe.
- 150/200 Dwarves and 200/300 Bear Tribe remaining, Devil tribe at 100/500 + leadership



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