Day 90-92: Demons and Preperations

Day 90-92: Demons and Preperations

After their victory and resolution in the north the party traveled to meet their dwarvern and barbarian allies who were besieging the remnants of the Devil tribe. They had conquered the first 3 levels of the tribes mountain home, but had been unable to take over the temple complex at the top.
The party prepared themselves against death magic, elements, and buffed themselves considerably. Despite several spells of light the temple was nearly black, and the party could only see about 20 ft in any direction. They encountered a powerful set of magic pillars, which cast powerful death magics upon anyone walking between them. Cathal tried to disable it but found no way to do so. They party crossed one by one, each taking some damage and few being temporarily stunned but shrugging off the most insidious of the pillars effects. The party continued inside but were ambushed by many clerics and other worshipers of Tegura. Oberyns wind spells kept most of the physical projectiles from harming the party, but Clerics flung ray spells charged with horrible debilitating effects. The party managed to injure and slay a few of their foes, but after being sickened/shaken/chaos cursed/blinded/ and at last feared the party was driven back. Cathal and Teneb both dropped their might weapons, although Luscian was able to grab the bow before teleporting out. On his way out Cathal discovered that enemies were hiding behind illusionary walls from which they were casting spells and channeling dark magic. After fleeing to their allies outside, Luscian spent several minutes blindly shooting fireballs into the temple and was rewarded with a few screams as he killed off a few of the enemies inside before they could take cover.

The party decided to take a day to recover and prepare different magic before going in again. Later that evening Luscian took off with not notice after frantically looking around for a few seconds.

The next morning Oberyn and Cathal, fully prepared based on their knowledge of the last encounter re-entered the temple. Oberyn cast daylight to dispelling the darkness inside the temple, stoneshape to tunnel around the pillars, and sunburst blasting everyone inside. Cathal stayed invisible and prepared to sneak attack the biggest threat. They approached the alter to Tegura where they saw a familiar face, Lady Viera, Duke Darrell’s consort. Cathal also realizes she was masquerading as the merchant they encountered on the road to Red Valley hold a few short months ago when they were attacked by the Nalphashne. Lady Viera is sitting on a corner of the alter, holding Ravager in one hand with its edge to the throat of a cleric of Tegura. The cleric is mostly naked, shackled backwards over the alter, and looks to have been tortured. Viera sighs and expresses her disappointment over the poor showing, saying “their was one of you that I really wanted to see today”. Suddenly Cathal shoots her with Equilizer, 2 arrows striking her vitals. Veira screams and slits the clerics throat with ravager and then points at Cathal and casts a spell. His mind is clouded and he begins to attack Oberyn, who is forced to dispell the insidious dominate spell controlling his ally. Cathal fires arrows, switching targets as he is dominated again, then back as he is set free with another dispel. Overyn summons dinosaurs to aid him in battle, has his dire tiger charge Vierra, and continues to dispel her enchantments. Viera protects herself with several mirror images, and strikes back at the party with powerful enchantments. Where the clerics heart blood hits the ground, a red glowing circle erupts. As more blood hits the ground, it grows larger and larger, and soon a great demonic shape can be seen traveling through this Gate to the abyss. At this point Teneb comes charging in along with his henchmen Tanthul. Viera tells him to pick sides, and when he attacks her shrieks and blasts him with two powerful effects. While Teneb reels from the first, he resists the dominate person thrown afterwards and taunts her weak magic. Then a great and powerful Balor, a lord of the Abyss, steps through the portal and begins to attack the party. Teneb takes it on head on, and trades several savage blows with the demon. The Balor grapples Cathal with magical force, and eventually throws the unholly Alter at the party with telekinetic force. Cathal continues to shoot arrows at first Viera, and then once Oberyn dispels the magics keeping her on the plane, and then shoots more at the Balor. After suffering dozens of blows, including a critical strike from a summoned T-rex, the Balor teleports away after both complementing and threatening the party.

The party explores the temple to find that it has been deserted, but manage to find a few valuables that were not taken when its residents fled. The Dwarves and the Bear tribe warriors along with Mav’ka and Brogar pack up and begin heading back to the entrance to the dwarvern tunnels to join in the defense against Saa’rid and his undead army. At this point Luscian teleports back with a new ally, the powerful She’sua sorcerer Balthazar, and a sad story about a sudden attack upon his clan and the slaughter of many of his extended family. Balthazar and Luscian bring with them several members of the Covaris Clan, who are told they may occupy the now barren Devil Tribe town if they promise to sanctify and hallow the temple. Oberyn decides his work in the north is now over, and he retreats back to the forests of northern Beranok after bidding the party farewell.

With the help of Balthazar and Luscian, the two of them, Teneb, Cathal, and Tanthul all travel first to Red Valley hold where they make plans to attack the undead and also share news with Njal who promises them reinforcements for their assault. Next the party travels to Sestrus, with Cathal staying invisible and Luscian disguising himself upon realization that there are large bounties on their heads from both the new Archduke of Fleid as well as the Renostrii. Teneb and Tanthul leave to attend their own business. Balthazar visits Ilrania in the royal palace, where he, Luscian, and Cathal all speak to both Ilrania and King Marius. They reveal some of what they have been doing and are given some information in return. After this they set out to sell some of the loot they had accumulated in the last few weeks. They sell a +5 undead bane dagger to Ilrania for 24k + commission, and ~16k of other loot around town. Cathal has Balthazar pick up and pay for his sniper goggles. Most of the way through the trip Luscian is recognized by a beggar, who tries to extort money out of him. Cathal scares him off but Luscian stats getting a panic attack, and pulls the party off the road. He tries to convince them that they need to leave now. While they are discussing it, several vials are flung at the party from a nearby roof. The first explodes in an incendiary cloud, the next in a stinking cloud, and the next 5 in exploding blasts for force that knock down Luscian. The last of the vials also traps the party in a spherical cone of force, only broken when it touches the surrounding buildings. The stinking cloud nauseates the entire group and after a little bit of panic they dive through windows, and break into houses to get away from the stinking cloud. The party tries to make their way through buildings to safety but they keep being cut off by more stinking clouds and spheres of force. Without their ability to cast spells, Luscian and Balthazar are mostly helpless and follow Cathal as he dives out of windows and through others. After several rounds of running and few successful saves, Cathal manages to get ahead of the bomber and out of blast range where he goes invisible. The next round Luscian finally overcomes the Nausea and teleports both himself and Balthazar back to the royal palace. Cathal tries to follow their assailant but eventually losses the invisible flying bomber somewhere in the docks district. He then makes his way back to the party, and after getting healed in the temple of Lian’dra they teleport to Balthazar magical academy in She’sua. After a much needed nights sleep the party plans their next move over breakfast.

next session
(I’m assuming your getting ready to go attack the undead, which is what I will prepare for. I am also ready for attacks at Fleid leadership, the Raul’zil clerical group that attacked the Covaris, or helping Reinn attack Skytower hold.)



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