Day 93: Into the Mountains

Day 93: Into the Mountains

The party teleports back to Red Valley hold, gathers up 30 soldiers from Njal, and heads off towards the Wall separating the dwarvern valley from the rest of Beranok. Cathal w/ some magical assistance scouts the fortifications, finding many undead guarding it but also locating the Mecahnisms needed to drop the bridge and allow their allies to enter. He reports back to Teneb and Balthazar, then they all sneak in and try to drop the bridge. While they are doing so they get attacked by ghouls who can scent out their location and Spectres attacking from the floor and walls. While dealing with these and also dozens of skeleton’s they are attacked by blasts of cold magic from an unknown source. They eventually reveal the unknown caster to be a vampire with cold magic, but despite injuring her greatly she gets away after creating a massive blizzard in the hallways. The party finishes off the rest of the undead, upon the bridge, and are joined by their allies. They then rest for the night to recover from their ordeal and await Luscian to rejoin them before venturing further.

I love random treasure generator…. here is what you found on the undead you killed as well as the dwarvern remains at the wall.

1) Masterwork Longbow : 375gp ]
2) Mundane equipment : 153gp [

3) Gloves of swimming and climbing : 6250gp ]
4) Harp of charming : 7500gp [

5) Masterwork Mace, light : 305gp ]
6) Arcane Scroll, Sleet storm {3rd/5th} : 375gp [

7) Potion of Obscure object {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
8) Masterwork Shield, heavy wooden : 157gp [

9) Divine Scroll, Owl’s wisdom {2nd/3rd} : 150gp ]
10) Mundane equipment (worth 51-100gp or less) : 59gp [

11) Arcane Scroll, Endure elements {1st/1st} : 25gp [+]
12) Gems & Jewels: 3900gp


Also Balthazar has control of two sprectres using Command Undead



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