Day 94: Devourers are not nice people

Day 94: Devourers are not nice people

Having secured the dwarvern fortifications with their Beranok allies, questioned the two Spectres about the region, and been rejoined by Luscian the party ventured out in the valley to scout it out. Teneb and his henchmen Tanthul stayed behind to help guard the fortifications in case the vampire returned.

The group scouted out to within a thousand feat of the bridge and a few hundred feet from the Orchard when all of sudden a giant swarm of undead came charging from the trees towards the party. After unleashing some evocations at the swarm, Balthazar and Luscian took to the air invisible, and Cathal immediately began an invisible aided strategic retreat on the ground. The undead swarm moved supernaturally fast and as it approached dozens of rusty projectiles were shot at anyone within a hundred feet. Balthazar summoned a mighty fiendish dinosaur to trample the swarm and draw its attention. While Luscian was Blasting the swarm from the safety of the air, a massive black undead creature wearing dark plate armor appeared in the middle of the swarm and sent out a lance of dark energy to his Luscian. Luscian saved against some of the dark energy but was damaged and cursed to lose his vitality. Luscian retreated using magic and kept sending evocations. Another swarm of Ghouls rose from the river and also began running at the party with great speed. Another of the large black undead creatures, this one unarmored, suddenly appeared in the air and attacked luscian dealing massive damage to the mage. Luscian’s contingency triggered and he fled hundreds of feet upwards in the air, ending uphovering unconscious and bleeding out. Meanwhile Balthazar used his necromancy to take over the undead creature using command undead, and also sent his familiar with a wand of curing to go aid Luscian before he died. From the other direction the armored creature attacked Cathal, but mostly failed to hit him or to penetrate the Equalizers magic defenses. Balthazar managed to his the undead with strangely imbued bolts of negative energy, so powerful they even drained the life force from a powerful undead entity. These weakened it as Cathal shot it two dozen times with his powerful bow, dealing more damage and becoming more accurate with each strike. Eventually the black undead creature turned and hit Balthazar with one of its energy blasts. Balthazar, weakened from earlier in the fight had his soul sucked from his body and his lifeless body fell limp while still hovering in the air from his fly spell. Immediately Cathal ended the creature with 3 more arrows, just as Balthazars bird used its wand to cure Luscian to stable but still negative HP. Luscian cast a spell to teleport both himself and the familiar right on top of Balthazar, causing luscian to go unconscious from the strain and continue bleeding out. The Faerie dragon familiar reached into its masters bag, withdrew a potion of Breath of life and pored it down Balthazar’s throat. They then used more charges of the wand to heal Luscian and rejoined Cathal who was busy looting the monster.

The other undead creature, now identified as a Devourer, Stood patiently 50 ft away still under the affects of the control spell. After some rest and discussion the party intends to question it about

Armored Devourer:

+1 conductive spellstoring mighty fists, +2 cloak of resistance, +2 ring of deflection, +1 desecrated mithral plate armor, unidentified ring, Reach metamagic rod 11,000 gp

Controlled Devourer
Potion of Barkskin {2nd/3rd} : 300gp, Potion of Invisibility {2nd/3rd} : 300gp, Amulet of mighty fists +1 conductive, unidentified ring, Lesser reach metamagic rod 3,000 gp

1) Chain Shirt 3 : 9250gp [
2) Potion of Delay poison {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
3) +2 Dwarvern Axe {2nd/3rd} :8350gp [

4) Mundane equipment : 150gp ]
5) Masterwork Dart : 300gp [

6) Masterwork Crossbow, heavy : 350gp [+]



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