Day 95-96: Dragon's Loot Takes Priority

Day 95: Dragon's Loot Takes Priority

The party rested after their encounter with the Devourers and Swarms, and while invisible explored farther into the Dwarvern Valley. At the end of the Valley was a large structure that seemed to lead into the mountains. The party entered through a window on the third floor, and ambushed a robed skeleton inside the room. Going through a door they walked out onto the second level of a vast hallway, with a balcony on the second floor and a massive stairway leading from the first to the second floor. In the middle of the Hall was the large shattered Statue of a winged religious figure surrounded by the corpses of slain dwarf defenders. A Dark and Haunting feeling emanated from the statue, shadows seemed darker and hope felt far far away. At the top of the staircase was a massive Ironwood door, but before the party could try to get through it they encountered opposition. The party had been exploring each of the doors on the first and second floors of the Hall, and on the right side of the top floor one of the doors closed again when opened. Combat ensued with the Teneb and Tanthul charging in, Balthazar and Luscian taking to the Air, and Cathal providing covering fire from the rear. Their foes were invisible but after a searing lightning blast and a fierce charge a fearsome and quick zombie werewolf and the robbed vampire using electric magic became visible. Shortly after the battle begin, 4 more robbed figures (arcane zombies), came out of other rooms on the second floor and 2 wraiths began to attack Teneb through the walls and floor. Teneb Managed to tank everything thrown at him with great resiliancy, Balthazar lobbed off spell after spell, and Cathal sniped the zombies. Soon the battle war nearly won and the Vampire Mage fled in gaseous form out the window. The party left to nurse their wounds and collect Luscian who had been dealing with other issues.

Once rested and reunited they teleported back to the Hallway to find the Massive Iron Door bolted shut from the other side. Teneb put his lumberjack skills to good use and after a few minutes of swinging Ravager he managed to make a large enough hole for one of them to get through. Teneb entered first and was quickly blasted by another lightning spell that also happened to hit those outside. From both sides of the new room another swarm of skeletons quickly overran Teneb and rushed outside, attacking Luscian, Cathal, and Balthazar. Magic spells and a few sniper shots took care of the swarm, and the party got to Teneb who had been dazed by a powerful lightning attack but was still mostly unharmed. The Vampire Mage fled again when outmatched.

Thus begin a long and slow but also fascinating exploration of the Dwarvern and natural tunnels, halls, caverns and paths that lasted for several hours and cumulated in an encounter with a Gargantuan Frost Linwurm – who blasted the party several times with its breathe weapons before being leveled drains and sniper to death by Balthazar and Cathal.

They side-stepped the main quest to back track the Linwurms trail to find its Lair, which takes a few hours. This path lead to a recently made tunnel leading out to the snowy mountain tops, and a few hundred yards away they found a large Ice covered cavern filled with ice covered items, gems, and many many coins. Luscian uses fire magic to melt the ice without damaging the items, and the party packs it away then resumes their journey.

First Fight: vs 5 Arcane Zombies, Vampire Mage, 2 Wraiths, and the zombie werewolf
1) Arcane Scroll, Discern location {8th/15th} : 3000gp ]
2) Divine Scroll, True seeing {5th/9th}, True seeing {5th/9th}, Glyph of warding greater {6th/11th} : 4800gp [

3) Potion of Fox’s cunning {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
4) Potion of Good hope {3rd/5th} : 750gp [

5) Arcane Scroll, Symbol of sleep {5th/9th} : 2125gp ]
6) Divine Scroll, Discern lies {4th/7th} : 700gp [

7) Arcane Scroll, Protection fromchaos {1st/1st} : 25gp [+]

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(650gp)
+ Coins(650gp)
= 13000gp

Second fight: Swarm of Skeletons and Vampire Mage
1) Divine Scroll, Heal {6th/11th} : 1650gp ]
2) Arcane Scroll, Symbol of fear {6th/11th} : 2650gp [

3) Arcane Scroll, Telepathic bond {5th/9th} : 1125gp ]
4) Potion of Align weapon {2nd/3rd} : 300gp [

5) Mundane equipment (worth 51-100gp or less) : 54gp ]
6) Mundane equipment (worth 51-100gp or less) : 70gp [

7) Mundane equipment (worth 10gp or less) : 1gp [+]

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(325gp)
+ Coins(325gp)
= 6500gp

Fight 3: Treasure Horde from the Frost Linwurm

1) Shield, heavy wooden 4 : 16157gp [

Gems and Jewels Breakdown
Clearest bright green emerald 1883gp, Emerald 716gp, Bracelet 1065gp, Hematite 5gp, Agate 5gp, Peridot 18gp, Azurite 2gp

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(3795gp)
+ 3795gp+60407 sp + 321230 cp
= 33000gp



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