Day 96-97: Walking into the Wrong Cavern

Day 96-97: Walking into the Wrong Cavern

After finding and looting Linwurm’s horde the party marched back into the underground caverns, and found a relatively safe place to spend the night.

After recovering their spells the party sets out again 8 hours later (early in the morning) and continues to explore the dwarvern Caverns. After many hours of exploration, and following tracks of large groups, the party starts to hear sounds of a pitched battle. They buff up and stealth their way closer to the combat, sneaking through several rooms ajoining an enourmous cavern where the battle is taking place. They dont have great line of sight, and the sounds echoing off the walls make it diffiuclt to pinpoint their origins. Despite this the party can make out hundreds of reanimated Fleid, Beranok, Shifter, and werewolf soldiers interspersed with Devourers, more skeletal mages, and large creatures made of bone. These undead troops were attacking ranks of Dwarves defending from behind heavy fortifications. The dwarves seemed vastly outnumbered, cold and negative energy effects rained upon the defenders, but they kept rank and their warsongs rang through the caverns.

The party was had set itself up to attack the army from behind but just when they begun when they were set upon by several specters who had snuck up on them. The clossest undead elements turned back to fight them, including three bone creatures which turned out to be some form of golem. The golems ended up being the most dangerous of the undead. They would emit bursts of negative energy as they advanced, and when the party damaged them lesser bursts of bone shards and cold damage would erupt. The party waded into the combat, Luscian flinging walls of fire and fireballs accross the battlefiend, Cathal sniping from the shadows, Balthazar capturing the minds of the more powerful foes and turning them against their brethren, and Teneb cutting down undead and laughing as the negative energy harmed him not at all.

The party may have been able to make more of a difference if it hadn’t been suddenly attacked by a blizzard, cast by the vampire mage they had encountered before. She badly damaged Luscian and Cathal, and distracted everyone as the undead army began to disengage and fold back upon the party. After exchanging spells and blows with the party the mage tried to flee, but was disabled enough so that Teneb could catch her and vital strike her with Ravager. At this point she melted into mist which fled away, likely to same resting place for her body to recover. The party picked up their wounded and fled from the undead chasing them, barely making it back to the open caverns before being overrun. With magic assistance they outpaced their foes and tried to loop back around to meet up with the dwarves.

(Ding – level 17) But that will happen ‘after’ you get into the Dwarvern area and rest.



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