Day 97-100: The Conclusion

Day 97-100: The Conclusion

After escaping from the pursuing undead, the party found a safe shelter and rested until recovered enough to continue their travels. With Cathals scouting abilities and some magical aid the party found another exit out of the tunnels and traveled around the snowy mountainside until they came upon a guarded doorway to the East. After some friendly hails with the dwarvern guards the party was brought in out of the cold but help until Brogar Dragonshaper could be summoned to verify their identities. After a little over an hour of waiting Brogar appeared, armor covered in dents, rends, debris, and splatters of all kinds. With a big grin on his face he embraces the party and welcomes back to the homeland of his people. Brogar and a few dwarwern soldiers lead the party past defensive fortifications and into the dwarvern city. They are lead through a magnificent underground cavern filled with astounding feats of engineering and craftsmanship. After some exchanges of information Brogar introduces the party to some of the Dwarvern leaders, in particular Alardzian, the senior general and hero of the dwarvern people and bearer of a powerful rune forged axe. After breifing the party on the state of affairs of their war with Saa’rid’s undead forces the party has a chance to restock their supplies, augment their equipment, and sell some of their loot. Afterwards they get introduced to Theranor, the senior paladin and guardian of the dwarves, and bearer of a suit of rune forged plate. He tells the party about the ‘flying buttress’ groups that have been responding to Saa’rid’s sappers and other attempts to enter the city. They discuss what Saa’rid might be after, and the party warns him to add guards to any holy sites of Theth and Lor.

Within a day of their arrival another undead attack against the outer walls begins, and the party decides to form another flying buttress group to help defend the city core. They are one of three such groups , with Theranor leading some senior dwarvern defenders and Brogar along with Mav’ka Packmother leading a group of barbarian allies. As the fighting at the walls intensify, two sapper groups mange to make it into the city. Theranor leads his troops against the one in the south west and Brogar leads his group against the ones to the East. The party holds in case of another attack. An hour goes by and the attacks continue at full intensity against the walls; Theranors group reports victory against a very powerful group of OoTBW spellcasters and strong undead led by the lightning wielding vampire the party has engaged against before; Brogars group reports an easy victory against a large group of lesser undead and a devourer. After some more time two more reports come in, one of a large group of fast ghouls attacking a civilian section of the city and another of nearly 50 demons and evils that attacked the northern entrance and overran the dwarvern and barbarian defenders. Theranor leads the remnants of his team against the ghouls and Brogar leads his team against the devils and demons. Soon after reports of the lightning sorcerer and other spellcasters launching a frenzied barrage of spells against the wall comes in and the party rushes off to help. The party takes some time to prepare and then responds with deadly efficiency agasint the vampire spellcaster, Cathal lights the area with light-magic arrows, Luscian traps it with black tentacles, Oberyn hits it with glitterdust so it cant escape invisible. Another two rounds of all three blasting it down destroys its body and forces it to flee in gaseous form, just before a wall of stone obsures it from sight. The party has little time to exult in their victory before reports of an attack upon the great shrine of Theth reach them.

The party rushes back to the center of the dwarvern city and are met by bloodied scouts that report that the defenders of the shrine have been slain. The party rushes in, buffing as they go, and stop suddently as Teneb senses something. After Cathal approached enemies cast a wall of sound and hit it with many projectiles causing massive damage to Teneb/Cathal/and Tanthul. They party moves in and engages the invisible spell casters, who turn out to be knights of the OoTBW. Despite their impressive defenses, preparation, and imp familiars armed with scrolls and wands the party manages to overrun them fairly quickly, killing all but one imp who manages to planeshift away. The party then encounters a zone of silence which they dispel and after they hear strange chanting in what they believe to be Saa’rids voice coming from through a solid wall. They realize its an illusion and continue past. They then use two disintegrates to get past a prismatic wall further blocking their path. As they walk out of the darkened hall and into the shrine, the majesty of the room overtakes them. Flying arches and precious stones magnify the traits of the four elements, and draw the eye first up to the heavens and then down to two statues of Theth and Lor, gods of fire water earth and air. Each statue seems made of elemental stone that vibrates in the colors of their domains, nearly alive. Saa’rid himself stands in the open, on top of a circular alter and surrounded by smaller alters, one for each element. On each of the smaller alters rests ancient relics, a jeweled dagger, a silver shield, a long golden cloth bandage, and one of Saa’rid’s own iron gauntlets. , He sees the party enter but mostly ignores them as he continues to chant ancient words of worship and magic. Rotten black dots and film are slowly covering the statues and the shrine itself as he continues his chanting.

Luscian wastes no time and lets fly the most powerful magic in his arsenal, a meteor swarm. The first two meteors swerve away from Saa’rid and strike the alters of fire and stone. The dagger and shield both seem to become awakened and rise form the alters, gaining substance around themselves until each is help by the spiritual form of a knight and an assassin. Those two ghosts attack the party, tripping teneb and he charges, and shielding Saa’rid from attack. Cathal, teneb and luscian manage to slay the knight and Oberyn uses his nercromantic power and takes control of the assassin sending him against Saa’rid. Saa’rid continues to chant while this all occurs and for a short time afterwards as the party attacks him, but eventually his chanting ends and the alter he stands upon cracks open with a cacophonous burst. He laughs and speaks to the party, " My mission is complete, you have failed. Now feel the wrath of my god and know your doom". Oberyn and Luscian frantically dispel the many magics upon Saa’rid, and Oberyn also encases him in ice slowing him down as well as forcing the ghostly assassin to keep attacking him. Cathal shoots saa’rid with dozens of arrows, but most miss and nearly all of the rest are deflected away. Teneb charges Saa’rid who keeps moving around the room, toying with the party and opening himself to attack. Saa’rid strikes back at any who attack him with viscous powerful punches, acid fire and negative energy ravening his targets. After even more dispel magics, Teneb and Cathal manage to start hitting Saa’rid with their attacks and begin hurting him. Saa’ird responds to the party saying “he will enjoy taking as many of them with him as he can” and blasts the party with bursts of negative energy fired off in impossibly fast succession, healing himself in the process. Once the majority of Saa’rid magical defenses were removed he was no longer able to see the invisible Cathal to deflect his arrows or keep up his defenses against Tenebs continuous onslaught. The party kept up and eventually after a final barrage from Teneb, Saa’rid fell appart and colapsed to the ground.

The fight was over. The heroes had won.

Consequences and Resolutions:

The hours of frantic battle cost the undead horde most of their remaining forces, and with its leadership slain the mostly mindless undead were easy pickings for the dwarvern army and the party. The dwarves had lost another 10% of their forces but have emerged victories and in the weeks to follow reclaimed their homeland and removed all vestiges of the undead presence. Brogar was officially welcomed back to his people by the council of elders, and appointed to leadership positions in both the military and the lore-wielders. With the destruction and desecration of their Shrine, the clergy and paladins of the dwarves lost most of their connection to their god. Theranor in particular lost much of his power (no longer mythic). Their allies in the bear tribe, one powerful shaman in particular, started the process of re-consecrating the shrine to Theth (bear tribe worships a earth based bear spirit). Once their homeland had been reclaimed they sent nearly 500 members of their army to join High Lord Reinn of Beranok in his fight to reclaim his homeland and carry the fight to Lerwein.

Saa’rids body had been destroyed for now, but his spirit was still housed in the ruins of his armor and awaiting its chance to renew his body. Teneb convinced the party that the best person to carry out the destruction of the armor would be Ilrania M’nere in Mal’tara and him and Luscian took Saa’rids Remains to her to be destroyed.


High Lord Reinn, with the allegiance of all of northern Beranok and the Shifter forces bequethed to him by Cathal managed to oust Lord Avis from Skytower hold and retake all of Beranok save for Laketown hold and the surounding lowland. Avis was taken prisoner and the High Lords crown returned to its new rightful owner, Reinn the Savior of Beranok, and now crowned as its first King. Losses were low but still significant and the the dwarvern army was put to good use shoring up Beranoks defenses and preparing to attack laketown once their forces had recovered.

Covaris Clan:

With its new home in the former Devil Tribe fortress, the Covaris Clan has begain to rebuild itself as refugees continue to poor in from caravans and the new teleportation circles setup by Luscian. For his continued efforts for the Clan Luscian has been raised to the high seat of the Vasarius sub-clan and now helps lead his clan in these troubled times. Trade agreements have been setup between the new Covaris Capital and the Dwarves, Two Rivers hold, the wolf tribe in the north, and Sestrus in Mal’tara. Treaties are still begin setup and guild-houses built but the covaris are recovering from their loss of Sanctus to Raul’zil and helping to rebuild both themselves and their new allies from all they have suffered in the last year.


Sorry Andrew still working on it.

Great War:

Still working on this as well – will be updates on the great war involving all these counties.


Party Update on Mythic:

(Still working on) Will be individual for each of you, with a vision and connection to a god and/or artifact.



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