Day 81: The Pressure is On
The Pressure is On

The party began feeling the pressure of time grinding them towards their fate. They make hasty plans with High Lord Reinn and High Jarl Thord to begin an invasion of Two Rivers Hold with the forces present at Black Moutain with support coming from Red Valley Hold. The party is preparing to leave for Sestrus to work on the diplomatic crisis between the Covaris Clan and the Renostrii. Suddenly shifter scouts interupt the meeting and tell the party they have encounted a group of ~50 Lerwein soldiers and two OoTBW leaders about a days travel from Black Mountain Hold. After defeating the soldiers they discovered a cave that the soldiers had been guarding and inside were some strange looking dark skinned humans in metal armor with a yellow sun symbol. The party recognizes the description of Paladins and Clerics of Adanos, and assumes it must be the group sent to investigate the reports of undead in Beranok. They quickly travel down to the cave and begin a dialogue with the clerics who go from being hostile to friendly. Luscian stays outside, not wishing to be around the clerics and their enslaved spellcaster. Teneb did most of the talking, with Cathal, Reinn, and Oberyn chiming in as needed.
They Paladins and Clerics introduce themselves, tell of their travels and of being attacked by first werewolves and then several fierce battles with Lerwein soldiers led by undead, spellcasters, and evil warriors. The party agrees to transport them all to Sestrus in Mal’tara so they can revive their brethren, currently preserved with gentle repose, and then further discuss the undead situation.

Mazin – male old Cleric 11: Sun/glory
Nashita – female young Death Mage 10:
Jasir – male adult Paladin 8: Undead Scourge
Samirah – female adult Paladin 8: Hospitaler

After they teleport to Sestrus Illrania M’nere is summoned and quickly sees the fallen servants of Adanos raised from the dead, healed, and mostly restored from their ordeal. Afterwards Mazin speaks to the party and they trade information about the current situation between the Renostrsii and the Covaris Clan. He informs them that Raul’zil will back the Renostrii if it comes to a war, relishing the chance to take over Sanctus and split Mal’tara. The Renostrii would likely swear vassalage to the Emperor and that would give Raul’zil a great position to isolate the She’sua from the rest of the continent, strangling their ability to trade. In the process it would also gain them land, trade, and soldiers. The most troubling part, is that because of the Undead problem in Lerwein and Beranok, is that the Order of the Sun, the military arm of the church of Adanos, will assuredly take part in the conflict. They will see conquering the Covaris Clan to gain Sanctus as a staging ground as a required step in attempting to wipe out the Undead and followers of Nerak and Tergura in Lerwein and Beranok.

The party reassess their options and become much more convinced a diplomatic solution is necessary. Raul’zil has over ~10,000 soliders and the Order of the Sun has ~1000 Paladins and ~100 clerics they could send as well. After doing some diplomatic work, picking up items in the city, selling and some other odds and ends the party decides to go meetup with the Shifters and the Tatood tribe and try to strike the Devil tribe a few times before the peace talks the next day.

The party Teleports twice, being careful to miss any unknown regions in case of lingering teleport traps, and arrives withing a few miles of the warcamp. They approach and are led to the camp by scouts. They talk with the two barbarians they rescued from being werewolves, and meet the other leaders of the tribe. After assessing the situation, they have the bulk of the Tatoo army go to retake their mountain village, and take ~50 barbarians and ~70 shifters with them to attack the ~500 devil tribe army fortified and tunneling outside the entrance to the Dwarvern Halls.

Devil Tribe Fight

-Teneb gains RAVAGER
-Devil tribe half fiend leader slain and looted, body burned.
-Both allied armies did very well and escaped relatively unharmed.
-Devil Tribe army has damaged morale and is injured, ~180 of the 500 were slain or injured too badly to fight
-Tattooed Barbarians retake village. Consolidate soldiers into ~200 strong army to assist party
-Shifters heal their injured, and are joined in the morning by another ~70, bringing their total number to ~150.
-Scouts sent to Bear Tribe, who had been attacked and pushed back by the Devil Tribe. (their trading village outside the Dwarvern tunnels was taken and is being used by the Devil Tribe currently).

Party starts next game at the Tattooed Tribe’s Village one hour after battle

Day 78-80: The Defeat of the Red Terror
The Defeat of the Red Terror

Amid the chaos of the werewolf invasion of the Shifter forests the party sets out with their new allies to track down the Red Terror. The Shifter leaders Ra’lo and Sha’ra, along with their two scout patrols fan out looking for clues to lead the group to their goal. After a few hours of patrolling a great disturbance is detected a few hundred feet ahead of the party. The ground shakes, the trees rustle, the howles of werewolves erupt throughout the forrest…. and then Teneb comes charging in on the back of his Tyrannosaurus Mount.

Lusican exclaims “What are you doing here? How did you find us?”

“Nevermind that. Its right behind me” screams Teneb over the roars. “We have to hold off its minions until it shows up then kill it before were overwhelmed.”

The party fans out in a defensive formation and Luscian, Kurin, and Oberyn cast last second buffs on the party. Haste, protection from acid, greater invisibility, and greater heroism are quickly cast. Hurin starts humming a reinforcing ditto as well.

“Everyone protect Kurin so he can use the flute!!” Luscian yells redundantly, as battle plans have already been discussed in great detail.

As the roars get louder, the party braces themselves and at the last second Luscian puts up a wall of fire so all the charging werewolves run through it. The first two waves of burning monsters are quickly dispatched by by Oberyn, now a powerful dinosaur, his Tiger, Teneb mounted on his Trex, and an invisible Cathal standing in the front. Oberyn also summoned another Tyrannosaurus to hold the front line.

The next few waves proved more challenging, as more powerful monsters attacked the party. Even a few werewolf spell-casters began to attack. Luscian had one of his fireballs blocked by a wall of stone cast by a powerful werewolf who seemed to be issuing orders to the rest. In response Oberyn reinforced Luscians wall of fire with a wall of thorns to give the party a better defensive line.

The werewolves surged around both sides of the walls, giving the party a few rounds to regroup. They formed to lines of defense to each side of Kurin and dug in. The werewolves attacked primarily from the east, sending in wave after wave of weaker monsters. Teneb stood in front backed by his Trex and the wave broke around him. The shifters and luscian picking off those that got by him. On the other front Oberyn and his minions, with Cathal standing atop the trex picked off the stronger werewolves attacking from the other side. Two in particular gave them a hard time, one a larger armored beast with a large crystal sword, the other a thick scarred creature who cackles and casts spells. While they were busy trading blows and spells with these two, the Red Terror arrived.

Within moments it dispatched two of shifters and drove back the defensive line. Cathal and Overyn drew back to help against the true threat, giving their previous enemies time to heal and recover. Kurin took out the flute and begain playing. Teneb ran out in front with Bardiche braced and set against the Red Terror as it charged Kurin. Teneb managed to sink the entire head of his weapon into its chest, but as he pulled it out red acidic ooze covered the wound and it healed. The Red terror tore into Teneb who stood his ground, some blows glancing off his armor, some slicing open his flesh. For nearly 30 seconds Teneb held his ground against this fearsome foe, his magic barely holding his body together. During this time Oberyn and Cathal screened Kurin from the west, and Luscian and Tenebs Trex screened him from the east, with the shifters in showering arrows into any incoming werewolf.

And just like that… it was over. A wave of powerful magic erupted from the flute, a pure note sounding throughout the Forrest. And the Red Terror… stopped. It strained against what seemed to be an invisible cage but could not move. Its minions also all stopped moving, appearing trapped as well.

As the battle came to an abrupt halt, the party and its allies convened around the Red Terror. Luscian moved around it testing its ‘cage’. Then on inspiration, touched the flute in Kurin’s hands, and was able to put his other hand through the field. The party tried blasting the red terror with spells to little noticeable effect. They tried using both magic and weapons on the collar, also to no effect. After some deliberation, the party decided to remove the collar from the red terror by beheading it, then try to destroy it.

After they had slain the Red Terror and picked up the Collar, the other werwolves all collapse to the ground convulsing. Over the coarse of few minutes they began to revert to their human forms.

The two who had given the party so much trouble turned about to be members of the ‘scarred’ barbarian tribe. Garog skullbreaker, a powerful barbarian and Dunar Rockskin a scarred witchdoctor. They thanked the party profusely for helping to free them, and after the party looted the corpses of the dead, they followed them back towards the temple.

The party returns to the temple to sounds of celebration and laughter, as the shifters rejoice in the victory over the great invader and its minions and the return of their lost kin. The party asks that they help round up all of the humans as well, with Cathal adding a request to search for High Jarl Reinn. Kr’al the warleader from the root tribe walks up to Cathal and bows, apologizing for his earlier behavior and takes personal responsibility for finding Reinn and any other important humans and bringing them back.

Oberyn feels a strange compulsion, and on a whim takes the collar and walks up the steps of the ruined temple. Cathal, curious of his companion, follows as well. Both suddenly disappear from sight. Teneb and Luscian make to follow but as Teneb reaches the stairs he is suddenly struck with a bolt of lightning and knocked backwards 20ft to land on his ass. Luscian stops with his foot almost touching the steps, his gaze going between Teneb and the stairs, and mutters “fuck that,” putting his foot back on the ground.

(Cathal and Oberyn). As you step into the old ruins you become dizzy and disoriented. When you regain your balance you are startled to see your surroundings have changed. The temple ruins have been replaced by a grand monument, framed by silver trees with brilliant emerald leaves. A statue rose marble depicting a beautiful young women stands before you. She is cloaked is leaves of every hue, crowned with thorny roses, and around her feet are arrayed an assortment of lifelike animals depicted in semiprecious stones. As you both approach, in awe of the Majesty of the shrine, you are filled with the knowledge that this is Liandra, goddess of the forests. As you move closer you notice the statue of a red wolf by her left side, carved of carnelian and grimacing as if raging or in pain. You see faint scratch marks around its neck, as if someone had pried something from it. The collar clicks open in Oberyn’s hand, and after but a moment of hesitation he puts it around the neck of the wolf. The scratches seal, and the bearing of the wolf changes to grace and a state of readiness. Even though you see no change, you feel as if the statue is smiling at you. Cathal turns around and is shocked to find a previously empty slab of stone now holds the most beautiful object he has ever seen. A mithril longbow, with a golden string, curving silver blades extending from the top and botton sits hovering a few inches from the stone. He reverently picks it up, and as he does so both he and Oberyn are suddenly back in the ruins.

The shifters fall silent one by one as they notice what Cathal is carrying, and almost as one they drop to their knees. Many voices murmer in reverent tones “the contract is renewed”. Many of the leaders slowly approach you, and embrace you one by one, tears in their eyes. After a few minutes a haggard armored figure approaches, long beard obscuring his face, dirt and mud covering his body, a large adamantine greatsword slung over his back. Despite the changes the last few months of monstrous servitude have wrought, Cathal would recognize his liege anywhere, and the two rush together and embrace. Reinn thanks his friend profusely for freeing him and the others.

Amid the celebrations, Reinn, some freed humans including the two Tatood barbarians, the party, and some of the Shifter leaders hold a quick war conference. They exchange information and decide to lead the survivors back to Black Mountain Hold which takes two days. Kurin is teleported back to Sanctus. High Jarl Thord welcomes the party, the returned people of Beranok, and the Shifters to his lands. He also pledges his fealty to Reinn as the new High Lord of Beranok and agrees to fight against Avis and Lerwein. Reinn rallies many of the recovered werewolves to follow him into battle to retake Beranok. Cathal asks the Shifters to accompany Reinn as well to retake Two Rivers Hold.


DING everyone is level 14
Cathal gains the Equalizer “moonblade”
Oberyn is handed a Staff of the Woodlands by Bra’il
The caster level of all druids, oracles, clerics, rangers of Liandra increases by 1
The caster level of all druids, oracles, clerics, rangers that worship the Wolf Totem increase by 2
**Teneb is handed the invincible armor the party previously found
*Loot from battle, 3000gp of weapons/armor, and a 2 plate, +2 shield, +2 lance, +3 cloak from a Fleid cavalier.
*Gained friends in Tatood tribe, Garog skullbreaker, a powerful barbarian(11) and Dunar Rockskin a scarred witchdoctor(11). They give information about the Devil tribe and the situation in the north. Their tribe will ally with the party once the devil tribe is defeated.
*Over 1600 humans have transformed back from werewolves, including many hunters and fighters of Beranok. Reinn (fighter 15 w/ runeforged greatsword). Reinn gains an army of 500 fighters/rangers(6) from the recovered werewolves.
*Alliance with Thord (fighter 12) provides a 200 fighter(6) and 200 ranger(6) army to send with Reinn south to reconquer Two Rivers Hold.
*The Shifters will honor the contract once again, Cathal gains the allegiance of a 200 Shifter Ranger (8) army and the support of all the clans. Stats TBA (have 10/cold iron (
4DV), fast healing 4, and know False retreat, dirty fighters, and sniper support tactics. If Cathal Leads them he gains the Boon Loyalty)

Be ready next session for quick and decisive action.
Mal’tara: Covaris Clan and the Renostrii are at each others throats, the peace summit is set for tmrw afternoon.

Barbarian Lands: The Dragon Tribe and the Boar tribe have marched their troops to attack the Wolf tribe and remnants of the Serpent tribe. They are severally outnumbered and outmatched and won’t last the week.

Dwarven City: The Dwarves are hemmed in by an undead army in the south near Red Valley Hold and the Devil Tribe in the north. Their status is unknown but likely dire.

Two Rivers Hold: Avis and the remnants of his besieging army have retreated to Two Rivers hold to like their wounds and regroup. Thord and Reinn with their 3 armies and Shifter allies are heading to retake the area from Avis. They will arrive in about a week but skirmishes will begin taking place in a few days.

Day 72 -77: Recovery and Expansion
Recovery and Expansion

The highly successful night raid upon Avis’s siege camp has nearly ended the direct threat to Red Valley Hold from his army. With over 450 of their 910 soldiers dead and many more wounded, and the loss of their head cleric, two OotBW Magus’s, and an OotBW Antipaladin there is not much they can do but bunker down and recover.

This gives both the forces of Red Valley Hold and the Party time to recover themselves and deal with other pressing threats.

Brogar DragonForger heads off to the Wolf Tribe’s valley to meet up with Mavka and his Serpent Tribe allies, and to begin the final preparations to defend against the armies of the Dragon and Boar tribes.

Teneb sneaks into Skytower hold to check on his Orphanage, Business ventures, and Cohort/Followers.

Cathal and Luscian travel to Black Mountain Hold, to meet with High Jarl Thord StoneShield on behalf of Njal and beseech his aid. On the trip they encounter Oberyn, a powerful druid of L’iandra and together with him and some Black Mountain Rangers they drive back a large pack of the Red Terror’s werewolves. This earns them the goodwill of Thord who agrees to some preliminary terms of an alliance. Luscian establishes a Covaris Clan trading post to bring food and sell merchandise, allowing them to circumvent the need for river trade.

Cathal, Luscian, and Oberyn all travel to Sestrus to sell loot, purchase new magic items, and recover for a few days. Oberyn makes contact with the local clergy of Li’andra and helps them with healing. He also spends some time crafting magic weapons. Luscian makes contact with some leaders of the Covaris Clan and learns of an escalation in the problems between the family and the Renostrii Noble House. He also spends time disenchanting magic items and beginning to add power to his own magic items. Cathal hunts through the city looking for information, people, and clues to the whereabouts of the magic flute. He has an encounter with Sorila, the Oracle of Theth that he and Luscian fought a week before.
The entire party receives an invitation from Ilrania M’nere to come dine with her at King Marius’ palace.

They head to the palace armed and expecting a fight or at least strenuous negotiation, and are instead shocked to be seated for dinner along with all the High Oracles of Mal’tara. Karth, the young roguish male High Oracle of the temple of Fire. Xers, the serious middle aged male High Oracle of the temple of Earth. Morinth, the kind middle aged female High Oracle of the temple of Water. Lena, the sarcastic young High Oracle of the temple of Air. Caira, the spirited young female High Oracle of the temple of Nature. Katrine M’nere, the reserved young female High Oracle of the temple of Life. And of course Ilrania M’nere, the Head Oracle of Mal’tara and adviser to the King. The party starts by asking a few questions and trying to nudge information out of their hosts by offering snipets themselves. Ilrania M’nere quickly ends this by telling them almost everything they have been doing in the last few months along with the impacts of those actions.

She further shares the background of your enemies Archmage Drasko and Duke Darrell, some of her own history with them, and a large extent of their plotting. She revealed that they are servants of the evil Gods Nerak and Tegura, both of whom ascended during the Great Mages war many centuries ago. How these two gods were banished from the world by Theth , Lor , and Li’andra who also ascended during the great mages war. Drasko and Darrell were behind the Barbarian Horde’s attacks on northern Fleid, weakening their ‘ruler’ and his ally as well as setting the stage for an ‘alliance’ with Beranok. She revealed the The political maneuvering to make Avis a High Jarl of the new territory granted to Beranok , the attack upon the dwarvern ambassadors to sow distrust and force High Lord Kurdis into taking an unpopular stance. The attack by the Red Terror to kill Kurdis and sow fear, but which instead removed his son High Jarl Reinn. The ascension of Avis to the position of High Lord of all Beranok with the support (bribes) of the High Jarls of Lake Town Hold and Two Rivers Hold. The werewolf army raised from all those infected by the Red Terror and his minions, controlled by Li’et using a artifact flute from the mages war. The undead army raised from many of those killed during the barbarian horde’s invasion and the attacks by the Red Terror. And how the purpose of all of this was to gain soldiers and position to attack both the Dwarves and the Shifters, to kill their people and seize their temples, greatly weakening both Li’andra and Theth and setting the stage for Nerak and Tegura to openly return. There is also a plot to start a war between the Covaris Clan and the Renostrii, which hopefully will weaken and divide Mal’tara. Furthermore it will likely spark conflict between Raul’zil and She’sua as they become involved supporting the conflict of their allies in Mal’tara. This will allows Lerwein to conquer the rest of Fleid without interference and they can then turn to the rest at leisure.

The Oracles are doing what they can to boolster the power of Theth and Liandra in case the temples do fall, and to counter some of these plots. But they must work carefully and not attract attention too early, which is why they wish to support the party. Ilrania M’nere gives the party the flute, shows them how to activate a compass that points towards the artifact collar the red terror wears, and informs them they need a powerful bard or someone else with 13+ ranks in perform wind instruments to properly use it to control the red terror.

The party teleports to Sanctus to get the aid of Kurin, an old and well respected bard, teacher, and former leader of the Covaris Clan. With Kurin in tow, and a large cache of silver weapons, they then attempt to Travel through Plants deep into the shifter forests. This goes rather badly as the party hits an area protected by a Persistent Teleport Trap, and are shunted into an ancient prison/dungeon left over from the mages war. They are trapped in a stone room surrounded by walls of force, with a magical orb spewing powerful spells at them every round, and a Prismatic Wall covering an adamantine door. Lusican disintegrates the wall of force protecting the orb, and over several rounds Cathal manages to deactivate the orb while the rest of the party buffs against, heals from, and dispels the Orbs attacks. After that they tkae down the Prismatic Wall layer by layer, then open the Adamantine door. They enter another room and are attampting to open its door, when they are attacked by two Clockwork Golems. Quick thinking, much dodging, and Oberyns terrifying magically buffed Dire Tiger Animal companion get the party through the encounter without any losses. In the next two rooms they find a great deal of interesting leftovers from the Mages War, including the controls for the trapped room, some old equipment, and several magical items.
-MW spear, MW longsword, MW shield, MW Breastplate, Manuel of Stone Golem, Invincible Armor, Flame Tongue Longsword.

After escaping the dungeon the party wanders the woods until in encounters a patrol of shifters from the Raven Tribe. They recognize the tokens of friendship Cathal and Luscian carry, and Sha’ra the patrol leader recognizes Oberyn as well. They convince her to take them to the Temple where the shifters are defending against the Red Terror and its Minioins.(The Red Invader / The invaders). Luscian and Cathal are blindfolded, Oberyn is not, as they are led to the shifter leaders. They are introduced to:

Lea’Shrim (druid 10), Cheiftess of the Raven tribe
Kr’al (Ranger 10), Warleader of the Root Tribe
Ti’an (Ranger 11), Warleader of the Lake Tribe (temple guardians)
Br’ail ( Druid 12), Cheiftess of the Lake Tribe (temple guardians)

Kr’all wishes them executed, but Overyn manages to make a good case. Sha’ra and also Ra’lo (the old patrol leader who gave them the friendship tokens months back) vouch for them, and with the gifted silver weapons and past help as fulcrums, Kurin manages to eloquently convince them all to let them help you destroy the red terror. The party heads into the woods with ~10 shifters armed with the silver weapons they brought. ( 8x ranger 9’s, along with Sh’ara (ranger 10) and Ra’lo (ranger 10).

This is Where Next Session Starts *

Day ~ 71
Day ~ 71

The party managed to defend Red Valley Hold against the soldiers of Lerwein led by the OotBW mages and their summoned allies. Ding your all level 13

Despite their efforts the toll on the Hold was great
-37 soldiers died defending the Keep
-76 soldiers died protecting the city
-192 civilians were killed, mostly by the Nalphasne, Ice Devil, and Galbrazu

The party managed to slay
-23 Fleid soldiers (crossbowmen, pikemen, infantry)
-Captain OotBW Calorn Grendus (eldritch knight 12)
-OotBW Knights Balwin, Derick, Casandra ( Magus 10,10,11)
-Unknown Crossbow wielding Black Knight (Anti-Paladin 11)
-3 summon monster IX’s: Nalphasne, Ice Devil, Galbrazu

//////////////////////////////// Loot /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
-purple gold holy symbol, 1 conductive spellstoring repeating crossbow(silver metal, black heartwood, dragon designs), +1 desecrated mithril plate, 5x(3 ring of protection, 3 cloak of resistance)(OotBW), Black leather with red scales and gold buckle Belt (4 Belt of dexterity), 4x +1 mithril Breastplate, 2x +2 mithril shield, 2x +1 keen scimitar, +1 spellstoring longbow, +2 headband of int, +2 headband of cha, all of the soldiers equipment went to other combatants as their share.
-from discussions no one wanted to keep anything, so its all headed to sale. OotBW equipment with insignia/embossing sells for 1/5 normal value, everything else at 1/2, then modified by best appriase/diplomacy checks and +10% trait for luscian as normal. Before rolls its worth ~69k once sold which will take at least a week maybe more depending on where you sell it :)

Red Wall Fort was also attacked at the same time as the 4 groups of enemies that teleported into Red Valley Hold by the army camped outside its gates led by High Lord Avis. The fighting was fierce and deadly, the Fort barely managed to hold back the tide of Beranok and Lerwein troops, with their siege weapons and spell-casters, until reinforcements arrived from Red Valley Hold (~100 troops + Brogar + Teneb + Cathal). The troops let their comrades rest and heal and the three heroes stepped into the breach and took the brunt of the assault.

Start of Battle:
Red Wall Fort: ~100 thanes, 100 rangers, 100 others

-Lerwein: ~300 mercenaries, 200 inf, 160 knights, 150 cross, 100 Pike
-Beranok: ~100 Thanes, 100 rangers, 100 other

Red Wall Fort: ~50 Thanes, 50 Rangers + Cathal/Brogar/Teneb

Casualties of the Battle for Red Wall Fortress

Initial Losses:
- 20 Rangers, 58 thanes, 28 other
Losses after Reinforcements:
-26 Rangers, 13 Thanes, 19 other

Initial Kills:
-35 crossbowmen, 39 mercenaries, 47 infantry, 9 knights, 12 pike, 36 Beranok
Kills After Reinforcements:
-19 crossbowmen, 34 mercenaries, 49 infantry,1 4 knights, 15 pike, 57 Beranok

Sneak attack on Camp:
~ 90 soldiers were slain, 12x 8+ caviliers, magus and antipaladin

The party managed to slay
-191 Fleid soldiers (crossbowmen, pikemen, infantry)
-OotBW Knights Bragus ( Magus 11)
-Unknown Cleric (Cleric 12)
-OotBW Magus (Magus 10)
-Unknown Antipaladin (11)

Day ~ 70

Much more summarizing to do -

Short version:

-Cathal and Luscian attack Lake Town and kill its High Jarl
-Avis marshals forces to invade Red Valley
-Undead led by OotBW Captain Saa’rid have attacked the dwarves and forced them underground
-the Dragon and Boar Barbarian Tribes are massing to attack the Wolf tribe and their new viper tribe allies

Present: Red valley hold is under attack by Order of the Black Wyrm
group 1: 1 cleric and two order knights, with an Enrines and a Shadow Demon are attacking the Keep
group 2: 4 order of the black wrym, 10 soldiers are attacking the market
group 3: 3 order of the black wyrm, 12 soldiers are attacking the Barracks
group 4: A Glabrezu
group 5: an Ice Devil
group 6: Nalfeshnee

Day 46-53: Preparation

The party has time to do personal errands from day 46 till day 53.

Brogar is currently in the Barbarian lands seeking answers.

Teneb traveled to skytower hold in disguise to check up on his orphens, Elise his cohort, and Marry and Ashley her daughters. Effectively most scroll,wondrous item, potions that Elise can craft is able to be finished in a day due to cooperative crafting: ~28,000 gp a day in scrolls, 15,000gp a day in wondrous items, 5000gp a day in potions, or 1000 a day in rings

Luscian is working on trade agreements and teleporting everywhere

Cylus is …..TBA

Cathal is ….TBA

Day 36-46: Picking Sides

After discovering the coup d’etat in Skytower Hold and Avis’ ascention to the position of High Lord, Laura (current High Jarl’s mother, wife of late Jarl) along with the senechal and the captain of the guard all encourage the party to leave Two Rivers Hold as soon as possible. The Party learns their are bounties on their heads (5,000 gp each dead/10,000 gp each alive) to be brought back to Skytower hold for trial on the unlawful attack of Li’et and murder of Heloken. The party encounters Cylus, a high priest of Gargerot from Red Valley Hold, who was in Two Rivers to help those wounded in the Red Terrors attacks. He agrees that it is no longer safe for him to remain either – and decides to travel with them. They requisition horses, say goodbye to their hosts, and head towards Red Valley Hold – and hopefully safety and answers.

Day 36
They travel the first day uneventfully, but the second day they are attacked by a pack of the Red Terror’s tainted victms. The party handles the lesser creatures with ease, but have a great deal of trouble with a magic resistant barbarian turned werewolf. He ignores several magic spells from the cleric and wizard, and absorbs and reflects a chain lighting back at the party. He is eventually slain by Teneb with a critical strike.

Day 37
After resting the remainder of the night they set off again for Red Valley Hold. Around mid-day then encounter a traveling beranok merchant named Kenria, traveling to Red Valley Hold to sell her dyes/spices. After questioning her for news, and checking her for magic/alignment/sense motives checks, they invite her to join them on their way and she hops up behind Teneb. Later that day the party spots something strange flying in the sky – then a true battle begins. A large flying demon attacks the party – casting icy prison spells from a wand – using its owns spell like abilities – teleporting in to attack the party then teleporting away before they can damage it too greatly. They also slay it several times but each time it gets close to death it dissapears for a few mins then teleports back fully healed. The party realized the demon must be a summoned creature – and not bound to the material plane – and that a powerful enough dispel effect might get rid of it. Teneb spends time in mediation to change his currently selected powers – Luscian Cathal and Cylus watch the skies for the demons return. When it does luscian fire off a dispell magic, but fails to ovecome the monsters resistance. Cylus uses one of his last powerful spells to distract the creature. Teneb teleports next to it and makes a desperate attempt to dispell it – which fails. Cathal begains filling the demon full or arrows to drive it away.The monster badly hurts Teneb – but before he is slain Luscian manages to cast a greater dispel magic on it – and the Demon Disappears. The exhausted and heavily damaged party heals itself up – and continues on towards their destination.

Day 38
The party arrives in Red Valley Hold – and is greeted by Njal – currently acting as High Jarl after his Brothers infection by the Red Terror. They exchange news and began making plans. Red Valley hold is overrun by refugees from the Red Terrors attacks, and is running low on food and supplies. Trade has been cut off from Two Rivers Hold and the rest of Beranok – so they have no way to sell their goods or barter for much needed supplies. The Dwarves and Shifters have also left Red Valley Hold, and trade with them has ended. Njal asks the party to contact them and see what you can do. The party gets a day of rest. Teneb convinces Kenria to spend the night with him – she leaves him a valuable gift in thanks.

Day 39
The party attempts to contact the Dwarves – and travels west to their lands. They are met with open hostility but no violence, and are turned away. The dwarves are furious about the execution of their ambassadors, Brack’tun and his son Griack’tun. They return to Red Valley, prepare, and set out for the territory of the Moon Tribe of the shifters.

Day 40
The part has an uneventful day of travel

Day 41-42
The party encounters some hunters of the Moon Tribe who lead them back to the Tribes current camp. They are well received by, Elro Lar’ess Dago (the cheiftess) and Lar’Ciath Dago (the head hunter), who have friendly relationships to Teneb and Cathal for kindnesses shown them during their ‘stay’ in Sky-Tower Hold. They discuss terms of mutual benefit – trading food supplies for silver/mithril weapons that the shifters so badly need. Also of the tribe being able to seek refuge from the werewolves/red terror in Red Valley Hold and Njal’s people being able to do the same from Avis and his fathers Armies. Lar’Ciath explains that many of their hunters/warriors are tied up handling a large cave of werewolves that have set up nearby. The party agrees to help the shifters wipe out the Den – the plan being that while several hunting packs of werewolves are away from the Den the party will attack it while the shifters kill the packs. After several hours of travel the party arrives at the Den – makes their plan and attacks. They kill a score of werewolves before they run into any real opposition – and then encounter some with partial memories that are more powerful similar to the barbarian they had encountered. These were also handled with more difficulty and minimum damage to the party – until something new emerged – A huge Werewolf who possessed magic. Spells of Fire hit the party again and again – forcing them to retreat out of the Den and take position outside. Having heard it speak as it cast its magic, Teneb tried to began diplomacy with the new creature and surprisingly was answered. He managed to talk the hostile creature down to simply unfriendly – and began negotiating terms and trading information. The party learned that the creatures name was Z’kal and that he was once of the Wolverine shifter tribe. He has been turned directly by the red terror – and over time had began to regain his memory. He seemed a little crazed, partially devoted to the red terror, but still in control of his faculties. Despite being furious over the murder of his followers, including several who had began to regain their memories, Z’kal was willing to form a truce with the Shifters and guard against other werewolves. He believed he would likely be able to simply co-opt them into his own pack and keep them from being a threat.

The party recieved an urgen magical summon from Njal to return at once. They stopped by the moon tribe and were thanked, and were sent back with food/supplies and a few shifters to help re-establish their trading post in Red Valley Hold.

Day 43
With shifters leading them and the werewolves in the area pacivated it was an uneventful trip back.

Day 44
Back in Red Valley Hold – Njal informs the party of recent developments. Avis has brought an army of Beranok and Lerwein soldiers and camped it several hours from the from the Fortress guarding the way into Red Valley. He also had sent emissaries requesting an audience with Njal and was going to be riding with an honor guard and Nobles/Jarls to discuss an end to the conflict. The party helped make preparations and then slept.

Day 45
The meeting between Avis and Njal was relatively uneventful – neither side was willing to concede to the demands of the other. Avis wanted Njal to cease his ‘civil war’, return to SkyTower hold for a meeting of the High Jarls, and allow him to imprison the Party. Njal wanted Avis to return his father and sisters to him before anything else was agreed to. Teneb read the minds of many of those standing with Avis – learned a little about their motivations. The three order of the black wyrm members, including their captain Saa’rid, raised his suspicions. When the meeting ended and the Avis and his followers left, Cathal shadowed them as they headed back towards the Fortress. He noticed a strange distortion of light, and for a moment say two group of the same 11 honor guard, then one dissapeared. He reported back to the party and Njal after following some footprints leading north. Njal sent the party and 50 soldiers to stop the group – and the party snuck up on them and boxed them in a canyon with archers on each side and cathal sneaking up from the rear. Teneb tried dimplonacy with Saa’rid, the leader, and after it went nowhere the party attacked. Saa’rid rushed the party at incredible speed and stuck down many soldiers, seeming to radiate dark power around him and shrug off any but the strongest attacks. His two companions Eluna and Nerac turned invisible and ran off, casting spells as they went. The other 8 knights sprinted for cover and then charged the Beranok Soldiers and the party. Saa’rid fought off Teneb and Cylus – healing himself somehow as he was injured and avoiding nearly all of their attacks. Teneb seemed to shake off most of the spells and energy that Saa’rid assualted him with – which seemed to confused Saa’rid. Cathal squared off against Nerac – but was outmatched by the arcane warrior. Eluna riped into the beranok soldiers on the other hill. They also seemd to have a flying demonic guardian in the air – which was killed by arhcers. Eventually the party hurt them enough that they organized a retreat – eluna began casting a teleport scross and Saa’rid and Nerac covered her while she began. The plan was foiled by an empowered maximized acidic fireball errupting in the middle of the three – killing Eluna and Nerac. Saa’rid ran off, eluding the party as it chased him through the hills, forests, and mountains. Eventually giving up pursuit the exhausted and drained party returned to Red Valley hold with the bodies of their enemies, and their wounded and dead allies.( 36 beranok soldiers injured, 14 dead(originally 23,7 were resurrected)(2 order of the black wyrm, 8 cavaliers killed). The party gets some well deserved sleep.

Day 46
(ding everyone leveled up)
Luscian uses teleport to travel to the Covaris Clans’s trading city in Mal’tara. He brings samples of Red Valley ceramics, shifters crafts, ore/lumber, and the remaining equipment of the partys defeated enemies. He begins to establish trade agreements between Red Valley Hold and his Clan, with himself using teleport to transport all the goods. (this takes him a week, till day 53)

Day 15-35: Catch Up
Day 15-35: Catch Up

The party returns to Sky-Tower Hold and cures Garrett of his Poison. He abdicates his claim in favor of his younger brother Thurgis- who has been diligently defending their people during the red terror crises after their fathers murder.

The party splits up to do their own things
-Cathal drowns his sorrows over his executed friends by sleeping with an adventuring rogue and a barmaid, and then meeting and wooing his childhood friends sister. Who was in town to pick up her brothers body.

-Mavka goes to meet up with the Wolf tribe, she encounters winter wolves, meets up with Wolf tribe and their allies, and helps them in their preparations against them Dragon and Bear Clans.

-Brogar/Cathal/Lucian/ Binder decide to go explore some ancient ruins north of Beranok. They travel through shifter territory, encounter many werewolves, find the ruins of an ancient city. Explore and loot EVERYTHING !!!!! In the process they encounter a large group of Duke Durrel’s Knights, Led by several Order of the Black Wyvern knights. They help them against a large group of werevolves, discovering at great cost that these are not the mindless monsters they have been fighting till now, but werewolves who have regained their minds. Lucian is killed – but the party uses a prism machine of the ancients to revive him. They also discover references to a plague of monsters from long ago who are similar to the red terror and the beasts he creates, and to a Moon Sword that legend tells can kill him. On their way out of the ruins they encounter an ancient Lich, guarding an orb that lucian has been searching for. Several other ancient and powerful relics are also recovered.

Once the group returns to Sky-Tower Hold – they start investigating Heloken and his nefarious activities. They learn of his working relationship with Li’ett and start digging. They discover some irregularities regarding weapons trafficking and the attacks on the drawern emissaries. Li’ett is involved with and confront him violently. It appeared to observers that the party attacked first. They kill heloken, and capture Li’ett turning him over to the Dwarvern emissaries. The party then leaves the city to avoid comlications from their fight with Li’ett.

Several days later they learn: ***********************************************

**A trial was held, where Li’ett’s innocence was hotly debated. After it looked like he would be cleared of all charges, he was found dead, and the Dwarvern ambassadors were implicated. Another trial was held, with Lord Avis and Duke Durrell pushing for the execution of the ambassadors. When High Lord Kurdis refused, Avis called for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and a new election of High Lord. The Council of Jarls turned violent, several Jarls and their Thanes were killed or injured and the now deposed High Lord Kurdis was taken into custody. The Jarls then appointed Avis the new High Lord of Beranok, who’s first act was to order the execution of the Dwarvern Ambassadors

**Fighting between the followers of Avis and Kurdis/Reinne broke out all over the city and spread into the provinces of Beranok. Kurdis’ son Njal, now the High Jarl of Red Valley hold, has rallied his fathers and brothers supporters and is now in open rebellion against High Lord Avis. High Jarl Thurgis of Two Rivers and High Jarl Ludin of Lake Town Hold have both declared in favor of Avis, with High Jarl Thord still undecided.

**The Dwarves are enraged over the murder of their Ambassadors and have declared war on Beranok. They have ceased all trade, even with Red Valley, and called all their people home. They have began patrolling around their home and building fortifications above ground.

**The Shifter Ambassadors, who were under home arrest in Sky-Tower Hold, decided it was time to go home. No one noticed them leaving. Relations with the Shifters are highly strained, and border skirmishes are occurring.

**The Kingdom of Mal’tara are indifferent to the changes other than mild annoyance at the disruption in trade, but with so much fighting they look forward to trade increasing.

**The other Dukedoms of Fleid are relatively indifferent to the conflict, slightly jealous/concerned of Duke Durell and his Son’s ascension, but glad that the ‘barbaric’ people of Beranok are being brought under the heel of one of their fellow dukes.

**Raul’zil is completely indifferent to the occurrence within Beranok. The Emperor has been said to have commented that he would like a pelt of stuffed model of the Red Terror when its finally killed.

Day 14: Tracking Down the Wayward Soldier
Day 14: Tracking Down the Wayward Soldier

The heroes track down the wayward soldier who accompanied them on their quest. They follow him till his tracks meet up with a group of armored knights – and follow those to several villages that have been attacked by werewolves. It appears the knights were there to help against the attacks.

The heroes encounter Heloken, Meilar, and a group of Duke Durrel’s Knights on the highway. Mavka and Meilar duel, Mavka roasts Meilar into charred bones.

The Party is forced to let Heloken go due to no proof of his sabotage, and they all return to the city.

Day 13: Night of the Full Moon
Day 13: Night of the Full Moon

The party then sets forth that night for Two Rivers Hold, to requisition horses and resupply for the trip back to Skytower Hold.

They are favorably received, and horses and supplies are quickly delivered. An alchemist is sought out for the rare elemental earth needed in the cure. He takes them back to his shop, but the ingredient is strangely missing, and he cant find it even though he swore he had some. The party settles down in free rooms in two different inns, and unwind. Soon word reaches them that the Red Terror victims being housed in the Church of Gargerot are moving and moaning, where before they were silent and still. A stranger had been observubg most of them in the common room of the larger inn and follows them when they leave for the church.
The party members (minus Mavka) arrive at the church to find it filled with frantic activity – priests and priestesses rushing around attempting to help the afflicted. Guards and worried family and friends fill the room. Aylin, Cathal, Ashley, and Lucian all examine the victims but find nothing new other then the obvious. Soon the moonlight from a full moon shines down through the class domed ceiling. Then all hell breaks loose.

The victims writhe, shriek, stretch, distort, shift and then howl. They have transformed into shifting vulpine nightmares. They all attack those closest to them – pounching and consuming them. The party and some of the guards and priests fight back. Brogar and Aylin wade in with their weapons – felling their monstrous foes. Cathal guards the high priest, cut off from his allies, and drops enemies with every twang of his bow. Lucian quickly fled from the middle of the carnage – and sent magical winds and blasts of fire into the fray – killing foes and grappled non-combatants as well. Ashley becomes ethereal and fells several powerful foes with magic missiles from her wand. Even so the waves of monsters begain to overwhelm the party – more come up from the catacombs below and down through the now shattered domed roof. A stranger comes in and helps turn the tide with a well executed breathe of fire and an elegant dance through the monsters, cutting into them with every step. After some time the remaining shifting werewolves flee out windows and up through the ceiling as a great shieking howl is heard. The party and the survivors rush to the windows to see the Red Terror outside on a roof – howling – its creations/thralls clamoring around their master.

The survivors of the town – which was attacked at the same time as the church – come straggling into the chuch – half clothed old men and boys clutching weapons as they cover the retreat of their families. The church doors open to let them in, and once the flood of survivors ceases the doors and closed and baricaded. The church is fortified, and its defenses are organized. Laura, the wife of the deceased High Thane Kaldin, The captain of the guard, the Steward of Two rivers hold, and the High Priest of Gargerot begin making the hard decisions about what to do next. With some of the party’s help – the captain of the guards and Brogar are dissuaded from going out to attack the monsters. Everyone hunkers down for the night – and survives.

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