Day 13: Expedition for the Cure
Day 13: Expedition for the Cure

The party travels through the night into the northern lands above Two Rivers Hold, heading with all speed towards the old witch. They find her lair at the top of a windy cliff trail, and ring the gong to call her out. Old Lia meets with them and tells them she doesn’t know a cure, but that she thinks something in Two Rivers Hold had a similar affliction. They make there way back to the hold and find the girl, who under great pressure informs them that she used the poison on her friend and rival for her husbands affections. They threaten to tell her husband unless she tells them who she got it from – and she fingers old lia.

The party hustles back to confront old lia again – on the path up to her lair they have an avalanche of rocks hit them. The party manages to not get swept off the cliff, and bruised and battered continue on. Cathal notices a strange rune on this bow – and as he reads the nonsensical letters the bow explodes and almost breaks. Ashley mends the bow with her powers. The party then enters the lair of the witch, and begain exploring it while Mavka’s and Aylin’s magical healing begin to mend their wounds. They come to a great locked door, which they inspect for traps. They find and disable two magical fire traps – but as they enter an unknown spell or trap triggers and damages more of the party. They continue down a rock tunnel lined with carvings and wall hangings – tarnished by their great age. They come to another great stone door, open, but covered in hanging strands of rocks, beads, and bones. Some of the party enter to confront Old Lia, Lucian, Ashley, and the guard stay back at first. Some strange affliction of madness takes hold of Lucian, taking away his personality and intellect. At the same time the party accuses Old Lia of making the poison and lying to them. She threatens them and tells them to leave. The party attacks her – Cathal shooting arrows – Brogar charging forward – Mavka transforming and her and her wolf attacking – Ashley shooting magic missiles from a wand – and Lucian wandering in and in a haze punching Ashley repeatedly. Old Lia transforms into a huge snapping turtle, with additional strange appendages and shifting features that remind the party of the Red Terror. Her pet snake attacks Brogar as he charges, attempting to bite and grapple him. Cathal hears Old Lia insult him and say “be blind”, at which point to is rendered blind. The party chops its way through her pet and manages to damage Old Lia, she then transforms into another smaller shadowy and flees through a secret passage. The door to the room suddenly collapses in and a terrible pestilent filled gas fills the room. Ashley blocked the door from collapsing with her shield, which almost breaks but is then healed by its owner. Brogar forces open the stone Door and the rest of the party flees out back into the daylight in search of Old Lia.

Cathal looks for her tracks and finds none. With the party safe, Brogar goes back inside and forces open the stone door – and loots an ancient books and a chest from the gas filled room before fleeing out again. The chest is filled with potions and two magic items, a leather totem necklace and a rough silver ring. The ancient tome is in druidic, an ancient and secret language only Mavka understands, and is filled with notes, spells, and most importantly alchemical and poison recipes. She spends the night reading the book, while most of the party sleeps, and Brogar goes hunting – returning with a boar to feed the party. Mavka returns to the cave and collects many of the basic ingredients needed for the cure. The party then sets forth that night for Two Rivers Hold, to requisition horses and resupply for the trip back to Skytower Hold.

Day 12: A Step Forward
Day 12: A Step Forward

Reinn and every other person injured by the beast has wounds that will not heal
and all are beset by some type of poison or illness.
Avis has brought more or his troops to help guard settlements and protect the
people of beranok.

The death of high thane kaldrin has taken a great toll on the people of beranok,
as the jovial thane was greatly loved. His two sons vie for position as next
high thane, gathering supporters and soldiers.

Whispers that the red terror was sent by the shifters have run rampant – and
discussion about war with the shifters and their embassadors are everywhere.

The red terror has attacked several holds between skytower and the shifter
forrests. Most are found dead, and the survivors are unhealable – beset by the
same strange affliction.

The great day is finally here – the wedding Between Arnora of Beranok and Lord Avis of Lerwein. Despite the recent horrors this is still a happy celebration – a union of two now allied nations where once they were enemies. The ceremony was simple and beautiful – held in the great hall of sky-tower hold in front of the Thanes of Beranok and most Lords and Knights of Lerwein, along with the dwarvern and shifter ambassadors, and other wealthy and powerful men and women from nearby kingdoms. Afterwards the feast is the most resplendent of all those seen during the weeks of celebrating. Nearly a thousands guests feast and drink, and the newly married are presented with mounds of gifts. Of particular note: Priestess Aylin had her young follower craft the couple a golden sun, that emits light when touched and stop emitting when touched again, Mavka spent time finding and training an adorable big headed snow owl which she presents to Arnora.

The feast is going well until Thurgis, the elder son of the deceased High Thane Kaldin, starts gasping and collapses on the table. It is quickly identified as poison, and clerics and healers are sent for. Lucian provides a vial of general antidote to help in the meanwhile. The clerics, inlcuding Aylin, and the healers, including mavka and lucian, inspect Thurgis. The poison is magical and cannot be cured by any means they possess. His brother offers a 500gp reward to anyone who can cure his brother and the High Lord Kurdis calls for adventurers to go seek the cure. Lucian, Mavka, Brogar, Aylin, Ashley, and Cathal, and a guard with a large chest of coins are sent off to seek the witch and alchemist old lia to see what they may learn.

Day 5-11: Downtime
Day 5-11: Downtime

Day 5 through day 11 Downtime: changed from initial day 5-6 downtime, I want to have the story progress a little bit and give everyone who wants to a chance to craft or do anything else that requires time. For those of you interested in the Archery Tournament – I will list a set of tasks (aka most accurate shot at range, most accurate shot w/ moving obstacle, most shots in target in 2 rounds) and I want you to give me a plan of how to accomplish them as effectively as possible. Each task will have a score 0-10, the person with highest net score wins :)

Heloken(Chody): continues as normal, insulting and drinking his way to victory. Is looking for a new Patron and socializing with the big wigs.

Aylin (Catherine): finds Brogar a place to live/forge, talk to barbarians, talks to Karesh about barbarians freedom, gathers information, smoozes with nobles. Also buys land about 20 mins south of the city and starts building a church of adanos/forge for Brogar.

Brogar(Justin): starts setting up his forge and repairing/forging weapons

Mavka(Anne): sells all her ridiculous amount of loot, and looks for things to buy with it, talking to all the high end merchants and several spellcasters and church officials

Cathal(Andrew): scouts after the Red Terror that killed High Thane Kaldin, loots deads scouts, follows the devastation left by the monster. Comes back in time for the archery tournament on days 9-10.

Lucian(Evan): starts researching his tablets from the ruins, crafts,etc.

Most of the Advertised Tournaments take place during this week – An archery competition hosted by High Lord Kurdis – a melee tournament hosted by Reinne (injured) – a Jousting Competition hosted by Duke Derell (who will be arriving tonight).

Day 4: Impasse

The Wee Hours of the Morning:
Upon reaching the safety of the city after their journey home – two of the party come to an Impasse. Mavka wishes only peace with the wolf tribe barbarians, having found understanding and friendship amoung them, as well as an invitation to visit their tribe. Cathal could barely hold his hatred in check when they were amoung the savages, and wishes to lead a raiding party to annihilate these murderous monsters. They argue about what is to be done – and at an impasse go their seperate ways.

Cathal goes immediately to his master, High Thane Reinne, and tells him of this threat to the people of Beranok, a large entrenched group of barbarians. Reinne takes the path Cathal wishes, and summons his guards, retainers including Lucian, and some of the High Thanes soldiers. After a few hours of preparations they set out for the barbarian camp.

Knowing what Cathal was planning – Mavka rushed to her friend Vesarious and begged his aid to quickly find supplies for her to bring to the barbarians. With a great deal of coin and persuasion he agrees, and Mavka sets off at breakneck speed back to the barbarian camp. She arrives quickly, and several hours ahead of Cathal and Reinne. She warns the barbarians about this threat and has them prepare for it. With her supplies, they tend their wounded, repair their gear, and build traps and barricades.

The Attack:
When Reinne arrives with his forces, he finds a prepared barbarian force ready to meet them. He sends Cathal, Lucian, 3 heavy infantry, and 6 scouts to try and sneak around the back and attack the barbarians from behind as he leads the charge up the main path to their camp. The ambush party makes quick progress, avodiing many traps due to Cathal and Lucians great skill. However as Lucian disables a trap so the party can pass – a large bat charges him – knocking him aside and setting off a nasty dead-fall. Some of the men are injured, but the party presses on. They come across a rather peculiar circle of group before a small cliff they must climb, and thinking they were avoiding a trap climbed up to the right of it. When most of the party had safely ascended a pit trap opened and caught the last 4. Lucian and Cathal decide to leave one ranger behind to help their allies out of the pit while they press one. Moments later they hear terrible cries of agony from behind them and rush back to find a flaming magical sphere and bolts of lightning killing the last of their 5 allies they had left behind. The sphere begain attacking them and lightning strikes dogged their movements as they ‘fled’ on towards the camp. They began making their final ascent through a small canyon when the plants around them grew greatly, and begain grabbing at them. They see the bat again, and the party is engulfed by more lightning. Cathal and Lucian manage to damage it greatly before it retreats, but not before hitting Lucian and Cathal with spells that began freezing them to death. Also 4 large wolves attacked them as they made their way out of the tangled overgrowth, and slew everyone but Lucian and Cathal. Lucian killed one of them, but one tripped and grappled Cathal to the ground, its fangs at its throat. And Lucian surrendered to the other two. The survivors of the ambush party were lead to the encampment, and Lucian as the only conscious member was forced to act as ambassador after some enchanting by the Wolf Tribes Shaman. With Lucian’s diplomatic skills, Reinne was convinced to let the barbarians go, after selling them more supplies, and a prisoner exchange is made. The barbarian lost a few fighters and wolves, but the Beranok forces suffered greatly with over a dozen dead and 2 dozen wounded. The party began its long trek home.

The Tournament:
While the Barbarians and Beranok soldiers battled, a different set of battles was taking place. In the Arena of Karesh the Affluent, the mighty Brogar had returned in time for his next set of fights. The day opened with 6 barbarians fighting 6 Beranok soldiers, the barbarians having one man left standing to claim victory. After that, the mighty Brogar was forced to fight against his adopted people, but luckily for him he had his new friend and ally Aylin to heal him in between battles and enhance him with her magic. First against two Wolf warriors, who he convinced to just put on a good show and then let him win. Next against a Boar and Bear warrior combo, who came close to defeating the powerful dwarf. First the bear attacked with his razor sharp claws, then grappled him so he couldn’t escape. Then the Boar warrior charged and drove his spear through Brogars back inflicting grievous injury. Brogar managed to shake himself free of the Bear warrior, and knock him unconscous with a great blow to the head. he then made short work of the Boar warrior after a few quick exchanges of blows. His last and most impressive fight was against two Dragon warriors, members of his own adopted tribe and the greatest fighters among the captured barbarians. They both charged in against him – their powerful auras and magically enhanced shouts trying to shatter his mind with fear. Brogar holds on to sanity and exchanges blow after blow with his counter parts. They try flanking him to no avail, tripping him, knocking him over – but the Mighty Brogar stands strong against all their efforts and trades blow for blow. Soon it was down to one on one combat, and none of his former brethren could stand against him in single combat. He emerged bloody and battered, but victorious, and was granted his full freedom by Karesh – who feared him greatly. He is healed by Aylin, who made out like a fiend betting on the mighty dwarf in match after match. They head off to celebrate his victory and rest before they attend a feast later that night put on by High Thane Kaldrin, who had come to like Aylin and was impressed by Brogars prowess.

The Feast:
Cathal returns bloody and disheartened, his precious bow gone. Lucian returns grumpy and worried about many things. They both attend High Thane Kaldrin’s feast at the insistence of Their master Reinne, and try to put the last days events behind them. The Jester Heloken is the cheif entertainment for the night, and competes with Lord Avis’ companion, the warchanter Li’ett. After mocking his rival constantly, Heloken outperforms him easily, and Li’ett soon leaves with a large chip on his shoulder. Brogar mingles with the nobles, feeling uneasy and finding no strong drink to suit his desires, he heads outside to the balcony. Cathal follows him out and the two strike up a conversation of mutual respect between foes. Aylin wades through the crowds aquanting herself with the lords of Beranok and gathering information and new ‘friends’. Lucian humbly begins a conversation with Mavka, asking to bury the hatchet and truly put the days events behind them. She agrees, and they began working out some arrangements to their mutual benefit along with their mutual friend Vesarius. As the feast begins to wind down, shouts are heard the buildings entrance. More shouts shoot follow along with cries of pain and a warning bell starts to ring. A great red beast, wolf-like in shape, with an elongated mouth filled with huge teeth, two different horns – a deers and a rams – jutting from its skull, jumps onto the table and lets out a terrible roar. It attacks High Thane Kaldrin, leaping upon him and ripping his head from his shoulders. Before anyone can react it then jumps at High Lord Kurdis – who is pushed out of the way by his Son High Thane Reinne. His left arm is nearly clawed off and he collapses to the floor in front of his father. The room errupts with the entire party attacking the monster, along with the guards and some of the male guests. The rest of the attendees flee, creating panic and discord. The beasts body shifts and mutates, stretching and reshaping itself to avoid attacks. Those that hit it seem to have almost no effect, the wounds closing as soon as they are made. Even blows from Brogars Mithril weapon and Lord Avis’s runeforged Greataxe have almost no effect. Heloken uses fire from the candles to blind the beast, along with most of the room, and after taking several more viscous hits the beasts rips through the floor and runs away. Cathal and Brogar chase it to a cliff outside the city, where they find indents from claw marks up the sheer wall of the cliff. They return to the city carrying several dissolving arrowheads from bolts and quarells that had struck the beast.

The rest of the night Chaos Ruled Beranok.

Day 3: Decisions

Day 3:

The party builds a sled and with its horses began the journey home. They encounter several newly created traps – and after some time avoiding them – encounter the builders. 6 Wolf Tribe barbarian warriors approach the party with weapons in hand, and encircled by growling wolf allies. Luscian attempts a diplomatic solution, but instead offends the leader call him a coward. The leader trips luscian to the ground and holds his razor sharp scythe to the mages neck – cathal holds his bows and arrow at the ready – and the barbarians prepare to charge. Then Mavka walks forward hands held high – and transforms into a wolf. The barbarians are awed – and then mavka growls at their wolves, and they all surround him in supplication. The barbarians put up their weapons and apologize for attacking one so blessed by the spirits and offer safe passage and sanctuary. The party follows them back to their camp, and the barbarians tell them they wish to travel home over the mountains but have many wounded in their camp and need supplies for the journey home. Mavka promises to get it for them and to return soon – Cathal grumbles that they should just kill them all…. – luscian is distracted by all the tablets and etchings he has taken. Mavka heals some of the wolf tribe’s injured with her powers and they reward her with loot pillaged from northern Fleid. The party then returns to Sky-Tower Hold to continue the celebrations, sell their loot, and turn in their 6 headed trophy to Kraki as an entree in his hunting competition. They return in time to see Helokens standup comedy routine, and then eat and sleep.

The priestess Aylin, her paladin Steve, and the Dwarf Brogar Dragonshaper take off at breakneck pace to reach his hidden stash of equipment. They ride their horses into the ground to get their before the days end, and dug up the stash. They then rush back to the city to make it to the next gladiator games.

Heloken has quickly gained a reputation in the city, and has received the patronage of High Thane Kaldrin of Two Rivers. He has been invited to be the principal entertainment for the High thanes dinner this night – and manages to leave the crowd breathless. This patronage will help significantly in winning the bardic competition. He also gives the Jester a pouch of gold coins and a luxurious room in his townhouse to stay in.

Day 2: Exploration

Day 2:

Soon after the sun begins to rise, The masked mage, Luscian, Cathal the ranger, and the wildling women Mavka set out to the north east. They began trekking up through densely forested hills, towards the summit on the top. They encounter and avoid many traps – large pits and dead-falls – and soon come across the tracks of the monster these traps must be intended for. They follow the tracks up the hill farther until they come across an ancient ruins – fallen marble columns mostly eroded with time. Luscian excited examines the ruins for writings – taking sketches. Eventually nothing remains to explore but the cave where the tracks lead. Summoning their courage…cough.. the adventurers boldly enter the cave. They follow it to the back – finding a large underground pond. The wildling women enchants her wolf and send him exploring the dark waters. No sooner had she done this then they hear 6 loud roars from the cave entrance. A great bloated and scaled beast, with 4 giant legs, a long barbed tail, and 6 serpent-like heads filled with sword like teath emerges into the light. The Cathal shoots and enchanted arrow into one of the heads – freezing it from within and shattering it. Luscian summons infernal fire and blows two large holes through the monsters chest. Mavka blasts the creature with a great spray of acid – melting its eyes and enraging it. The monster engulfs Cathal and Luscian is roaring goats of fire – breathed from its 5 remaining heads. It also begins to heal – as if days were going by instead of seconds – its wounds closing and its skin regrowing. Cathal notices the head destoryed by magical cold was not regrowing and the party changed their tactics – cathal distracting it with painful arrows to its eyes and other sensitive areas – and Mavka and Luscian blasting away at it with powerful cold magics. Mavka summoned a great spirit of cold – which slowly at first but then ever more brutally engulfed the monster in ice. Luscian blasted it with rays of cold summoned from the 9 hells. The beast responded by savagely biting Cathal and Luscian, and winging Mavka. Mavka’s great wolf companion joined the fight and savagely ripped and tore through one of its necks, distracting it from the rest of the party. After great effort they brought the magically wrought monster down – and then cut off all its heads and removed its heart. The party searched the cavern – finding items among the remains of the monsters victims and more writings on the walls and broken tablets. The party spends the nights resting and cutting up the beast, enjoying delicious roast meat from their prey.

Back in the City: The Priestess Aylin awakes and continues her surveillance, and after following up on several leads obtained the night before, decides to enjoy herself and attend the opening day of the gladiatorial games. She spots an oddity among the enslaved barbarian fighters, and decides to investigate after the days matches conclude. She buys one of the best seats in the house, and bets lavishly on the contests, winning and losing small sums of gold. The object of her attention enters the Arena, a short bulky barbarian with tattoos, many scars, and a short beard. He is thrown against first one opponent, a well known scout who charges in skewering the little one with his spear. The barbarian shrugs it off and drops him with a single mighty blow of his hammer. He then pulls out the spear and takes the scouts bag of javelins as he shouts at the crowd. Aylin makes a few gold coins off his victory. Next they throw at him two well equipped Fleid mercenary knights, brothers of great skill. They advance towards the dwarf and attempt to outmaneuver him with pike and flail. The Little one lowers his head and charges in against the pike wielder, and with several great sweeping blows of his hammer he bashes in his armor until he stops moving. His brother counters by disarming the barbarian, sending his warhammer spinning away. The barbarian pulls out his great sword and makes short work of the other knight. Then piles them atop each other – and skewers both through with the pike. The crowd roars in displeasure. Aylin makes more than a few coins on this fight, and her curiosity is more than peaked. She contemplates using her magic to make sure he survives his next fight – but decides that it would be against the wishes of Adanos. The last match begins, the stocky and wounded barbarian against a Beranok fighter and two rangers. He charges one of the rangers,deciding to take him out before then can pincushion him. He chases the tumbling and dodging ranger around briefly before smashing open his head with a mighty swing. The other ranger shoots arrow after arrow, to no avail. The fighter realizes his slashing weapon is having almost no effect on his mighty opponent so he drops his shield and begins taking powerful two handed swings. The barbarian chases down the other ranger and after several attacks, drops his foe to the ground. The barbarian is hit several times by the fighter to devastating effect, his blood spilling in the area. The barbarian rages and starts trading blow for blow with the last remaining foe. After several rounds of exchanges, the fighter finally collapses, and the barbarian stands triumphant. He waves over the healers so they can save the life of the worthy fighter, who proved his worth. The crowd shouts their approval and many throws coins into the area. The victor collects the valuable coins, and limps back into his cell, bribing the guards to bring him good food and some ale. The priestess made a small fortune betting on the third round, mostly from Kaldrin the High Thane of Two Rivers. After she collects most of her winnings, receives an invitation to join the High Thane for dinner, collects her Steve from the ‘cheap’ seats, and questions him about how the plebeians are reacting,…………… she bribes her way into speaking with the strange barbarian. She quickly confirms her suspicions by speaking and being answered in Dwarvern, this is no mere barbarian but a Dwarf named Brogar Dragonshaper separated somehow from his people. She heals Brogar’s wounds interspersed with questioning him, and her interest mounts higher and higher. She eventually leaves him, mostly healed, to his food and rest and approaches the owner of the Arena, Karesh, a well known merchant from Raul’zil. She uses her magic to influence him magicaly, and convinces him to release the dwarf into her custody. At first he refuses, but after promising to return him for the next round of fights, heal him, arm him better, and pay a deposit of 50gp, Karesh Agrees. Aylin sends Brogar back with her Steve to the room she is currently renting in the Merchant Districts, and attends the High Thanes Dinner. She finds out a great deal of information, including the whereabouts of the Knight who had stolen the dwarfs precious mithril hammer Furrgeldur which stolen from him after he surrendered. She kicks open the door to the knights room, where he is busy getting knob-led by a rather attractive brunette. Aylin casts several spells to no effect, and then threatens and hits him with her flail until he surrenders and tells her that he sold the hammer to a merchant named Desarious. She returns and collects the Dwarf and her Paladin, and breaks into the residence of the merchant and reunites the Dwarf with his Hammer. They then head back to their room at the Inn to rest.

Later that night in the City – Heloken is ambushed by two angry bards after his nightly performance– who threaten him. He mocks one of them and they attack him. He mocks the other one – and using his magic makes his ally laugh so hard to falls to the ground disabled. The other stabs the Jester with a rapier. He responds by throwing a brightly covered ball at his assailants face – which bursts into acidic fire. Using the distraction he gets in a particularly nasty attack through the bards belly. The bard attacks again, but misses due to his rage and the distracting pain of the acidic fire. The Jester then attacks him again, dropping him to the ground bleeding to death. He then approaches the convulsing form of the other bard – and with a cruel comment – dispatches him as well. Then then loots them, examines his torn cloak with a sigh, and takes the bards glimmering one for himself and leaves to find something else to do.

Day 1: Unlikely Companions

Day 1:
The great celebrations are under way – and many began to plot and plan their next few days. A masked mage and a Beranok ranger confer about an outing to the eastern mountain ranges, and the treasure they might find. An exotic young women and her large wolf companion relax and take it the sights and sounds, knowing the end of their search is near at hand. A boisterous figure in a Harlequin mask mocks bards on stage to everyone’s delight, introducing himself as Heloken the strange, bane of all bards, truth-speaker, and insulter of those most deserving it. A short and stout barbarian lies in dirty straw, shackled thrice on his arms and once on his legs, he grins through broken lips as he plots revenge. An imperious priestess slips from table to table, gathering in the choicest tidbits of news, shadowed by a silent guardian,“for as they say dear Ste’ve knowledge is power.”

A group of Mercenary knights push unwanted attentions upon the exotic young women, and after being rejected decide to circle back and follow her. The ranger notices and follows them in turn. They ambush the women, encircling her with weapons drawn and suggest threateningly that she should join them for some fun. The ranger puts an arrow between the leaders feet and tells him to go find his fun elsewhere. The Jester happens to wander by, and adds his barbed tongue to the mix, making several comments about the lacking and slackening of both sets of the nobles swords, and then wanders off to drink more. The ranger and young women exchange names, his is Cathal and hers is Mavka. She thanks him for his aid and asks if she can repay the kindness. Cathal invites her along on his excursion the next day.

The Story Begins

Our story begins in the highlands of Beranok, two weeks after the defeat of the great northern barbarian horde by the allied armies of Beranok and Lerwein. The victory has brought about a formal alliance between High Lord Kurdis of Beranok and the Duke Derell of Lerwein, the southern province of Fleid. The last two weeks have seen most of the stragglers of the broken barbarian horde hunted down and driven back north. The two weeks have also allowed the funeral rights to be performed for most of those who fell in battle against the great horde.

A great celebration is about to begain celebrating the victory over the barbarians, the alliance between Beranok and Lerwein, and the Marriage of High Lord Kurdis’ daughter to Duke Derell’s son. They will weeks of feasting and games, competitions of skill and strength with lavish prizes for the victors.

There are opportunities for profit aplenty, drawing every kind of adventurer imaginable:
The barbarian hordes treasure: thousands of gold pieces of loot scavenged their victims, mostly from northern Fleid
Loot scavenged from the battlefields: many items of value lie hidden or in the hands of scavengers
Trade being re-established after being disrupted by the barbarians: a highly lucrative venture
The prizes of the games: dragon-crafted or other extrordinary weapons, gold, acclaim, favors from the highborn, magic trinkets, adamantine and mithral armor.


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