The Story Begins

Our story begins in the highlands of Beranok, two weeks after the defeat of the great northern barbarian horde by the allied armies of Beranok and Lerwein. The victory has brought about a formal alliance between High Lord Kurdis of Beranok and the Duke Derell of Lerwein, the southern province of Fleid. The last two weeks have seen most of the stragglers of the broken barbarian horde hunted down and driven back north. The two weeks have also allowed the funeral rights to be performed for most of those who fell in battle against the great horde.

A great celebration is about to begain celebrating the victory over the barbarians, the alliance between Beranok and Lerwein, and the Marriage of High Lord Kurdis’ daughter to Duke Derell’s son. They will weeks of feasting and games, competitions of skill and strength with lavish prizes for the victors.

There are opportunities for profit aplenty, drawing every kind of adventurer imaginable:
The barbarian hordes treasure: thousands of gold pieces of loot scavenged their victims, mostly from northern Fleid
Loot scavenged from the battlefields: many items of value lie hidden or in the hands of scavengers
Trade being re-established after being disrupted by the barbarians: a highly lucrative venture
The prizes of the games: dragon-crafted or other extrordinary weapons, gold, acclaim, favors from the highborn, magic trinkets, adamantine and mithral armor.


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