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Basic Character Creation Guidelines: Level 6, 25 point buy, 100gp starting wealth (read the currency and pricing before you flip out about that), race restricted to human (there are several human variants that should cover all your character customization needs, and if you REALLY REALLY want to play something else talk to me and we can work something out). Recommendations and restrictions for classes, skills, feats, equipment, spells, etc are detailed below under the basic description of the campaign setting.

This is a low magic, medieval toned, human-centric, realistic campaign world with an emphasis on political intrigue and brutal tactical combat. Magic is rare, magical items are highly valued, arcane magic users are treated as either mistrusted criminals to enslaved animals and are often hunted down and killed. Innate magic users(sorcerers, bards, warlocks) are more common than more ordered ones (wizards, etc), both because they require less formal training and because it is easier to hide their abilities. Clerical ‘magic’ is quite common – but viewed as direct divine intervention and is thus treated very differently. Rogue clerics, Druids, and other divine casters not associated with the organized churches suffer most of the same stigma as arcane magic users.

Classes: some classes are more common in this campaign setting than others, but there are no banned/restricted base classes. The Island nation has enough merchant ships that travel to and from its ports that most conceivable character classes could find there way to the continent. Prestige classes are a different story – most I am open to allowing, but I will be very strict on requirements and in many cases one will be positive interaction with an NPC of that prestige class. As long as you work with me, roleplay what you want, and have it worked into your back story their should be no problem with you playing whatever character class you want to play.

Skills: Exploration and combat skills are very important for every character: Perception/Stealth/Acrobatics/Survival will likely all have a life or death situation attached to them at least once. Social skills are encouraged for at least one member of the group to have and will be useful for anyone who takes them: bluff/diplomacy/intimidate/sense motive will give you a varied tool set to use in the politically heavy campaign. Crafting skills are encouraged for downtime as a source of income, a way to gain or replace equipment, and will become more important later on when characters want to obtain some of the better weapons/armor in the game. Crafting skills like alchemy and craft poison will see a lot of use if taken. Knowledge skills, gather information, bardic knowledge, etc will be very useful in discovering alternative solutions to certain large problems – and will allow for careful preparations to be made before plunging into dangerous situations.

Combat: Every character needs to be able to hold their own in combat, and the group is encouraged to have both melee and ranged combat abilities. No particular classes or abilities are required, but since most combat will be against humanoid combatants of at least middling intelligence,tactics will be used to limit effectiveness of the groups abilities. So don’t stack a bunch of squishy ranged characters or worse a bunch of slow melee monkeys.
Abilities/Spells: anything combat oriented or utility based will be very useful.

Equipment: magic equipment is very rare, and while conceivable that an adventurer would have a few rare pieces of magical equipment it is not likely they will have a whole bunch. I am going to restrict starting equipment purchases to two magical items. If you want to discuss this with me feel free, if you want bag of potions or a few scrolls as your magical items that would probably be fine. I just want magical items to be special and valued, and not taken for granted. Access to these items will be strictly controlled in game, and if you want handy access you will probably need to invest in item creation feats, dungeon crawl the shit outa the unexplored/uninhabited parts of the map, kill all the high level/influential npc’s, or find a high level magic user and seduce them :)
Doing all couldn’t hurt your chances either lol

Character Creation

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