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Keldren is a low magic, medieval toned, human-centric, realistic campaign world with an emphasis on political intrigue and brutal tactical combat. Magic is rare, magical items are highly valued, arcane magic users are treated as either mistrusted criminals to enslaved animals and are often hunted down and killed. Innate magic users (sorcerers, bards, summoners) are more common than more ordered ones (wizards, witches, magus), both because they require less formal training and because it is easier to hide their abilities. Clerical ‘magic’ is quite common – but viewed as direct divine intervention and is thus treated very differently. Rogue clerics, Druids, and other divine casters not associated with the organized churches of the area suffer some of the same stigma as arcane magic users. Bards are an exception, and are widely accepted so long as they keep their charms/compulsions to themselves.

Back story:

Our story begins in the highlands of Beranok, two weeks after the defeat of the great northern barbarian horde by the allied armies of Beranok and Lerwein. The victory has brought about a formal alliance between High Lord Kurdis of Beranok and the Duke Darell of Lerwein, the southern province of Fleid. The last two weeks have seen most of the stragglers of the broken barbarian horde hunted down and driven back north. The two weeks have also allowed the funeral rights to be performed for most of those who fell in battle against the great horde.

A great celebration is about to begin celebrating the victory over the barbarians, the alliance between Beranok and Lerwein, and the Marriage of High Lord Kurdis’ daughter to Duke Darell’s son. They will weeks of feasting and games, competitions of skill and strength with lavish prizes for the victors.

There are opportunities for profit aplenty, drawing every kind of adventurer imaginable:
The barbarian hordes treasure: thousands of gold pieces of loot scavenged their victims, mostly from northern Fleid
Loot scavenged from the battlefields: many items of value lie hidden or in the hands of scavengers
Trade being re-established after being disrupted by the barbarians: a highly lucrative venture
The prizes of the games: dragon-crafted or other extraordinary weapons, gold, acclaim, favors from the highborn, magic trinkets, adamantine and mithral armor.

Character Creation: Paizo Website this has everything you need to create a pathfinder character. If you new (Tanya) feel free to ask for help :)

Attributes: 20 point buy

Age: You can be whatever age you want but I’m restricting aging stat changes to middle aged ,so at most -1 str, dex, con and +1 int, wis, cha. If you want to be old or venerable or young in your backstory go for it :)

Advanced Classes
Magus are also accepted
Gunslingers, Samurai, Ninja do not make any sense in the campaign and I’d rather they not be played.

Race: this world essentially only has human su-braces, Dwarfs and Shifters are +1 ECR adjustment and I’d rather they are not played. IF you want to play half-orc or half-elf then just use the statistics for those but in game but you are a ‘half-shifter’ instead. Keldren Races has more details about the different human sub-races and their options for customization.

Feats/Skills: Anything you want – pathfinder feats are very well balanced. This will be a combat heavy game so make sure you can take and dish out some punishment. I’d recommend everyone have some way to spend their downtime, craft skills/feats etc as well. Perception is always good for everyone to have – you will have lots of problems if you don’t have this skill. Other than that whatever floats your boat – I will ensure that every skill will be useful to a large degree in this game.
Advanced Feats
Ultimate Magic
http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCombat/ultimateCombatFeats.html"Ultimate Combat":http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCombat/ultimateCombatFeats.html

Traits: Each character may have 2 traits, with normal restrictions of 1 per type
All Traits

Items: Keldren is a very magic light world – particularly arcane magic light. Magic equipment is very rare, and while it is conceivable that an adventurer would have a few rare pieces of magical equipment it is not likely they will have a whole bunch. I am going to restrict starting equipment purchases to two magical items. If you want to discuss this with me feel free, if you want bag of potions or a few scrolls as your magical items that would probably be fine. I just want magical items to be special and valued, and not taken for granted. Access to these items will be strictly controlled in game, and if you want handy access you will probably need to invest in item creation feats, dungeon crawl the shit out of the unexplored/uninhabited parts of the map, kill all the high level/influential NPC’s to take their stuff, find a high level magic user and seduce them, or bribe me with beer :)
Doing all those wouldn’t hurt your chances lol

Religion: any religion works, but be advised that open worship will be looked upon favorably or unfavorably in many places. If you are a divine spell-caster you will need to follow the tenants, customs, etc of your religion.

Alignment: any alignment works. f you are evil and do evil things have bluff or ways of hiding it – the only thing I would discourage about being evil is getting caught. Just try not to have alignment conflicts get too out of hand in the party. A greedy Neutral Evil rogue and a Lawful Good Paladin can be best buds as long as the rogue is discreet. :)

Character back-story: I’d prefer you have some substance to your back-story – that way I can try to pull from it and add a much more personal feel to the game for your character.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

Highlands of Beranok Campaign

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