Racial Statistics

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The Races available to be played in this campaign are all human based, as such they all have most of the basic human traits.

• Medium size
• 30’ movement
• 1 extra feat at 1st level

In addition every county has certain other racial characteristics

Fleid: Warlike, arrogant, and physically powerful.
1) Warrior Caste: You grew up in a family of fierce warriors for which Fleid is well known, with a proud history of glory upon the battlefield. +2 str, +2 any str skill, +2 any dex skill.

2) Nobility: Fleidish nobility are the planners and schemers behind the mighty armies of Fleid, bred to be charismatic and skillful leaders. +2 cha or +2 Int, +2 diplomacy or + 2 intimidate, +2 knowledge nobility, +2 Ride.

3) Peasants: Fleidish peasants and surf have a cruel life, with only a rare few escaping the drudgery or working the farms and orchards of their lords. A lucky few manage to join a lords army or become accomplished craftsmen, allowing them to buy themselves and their families better lives. +2 con, +2 any craft skill or profession skill, +2 any other skill of your choice.

Raul’Zil: Intolerant, organized
1) Religiously devout: you grew up surrounded by the churches of Raul’zil, teaching you piety and devotion. +2 wis, +2 knowledge religion, +2 concentration, +2 heal.

2) Well Educated: You grew up in acclaimed schools of Kamadan, learning sciences, apprenticing to masters, and learning in the great libraries. +2 int, +2 any knowledge skill, +2 concentration, +2 any crafting or profession skill.

3) Desert Warrior: You grew up in the southern deserts of Raul’zil and the deep deserts are in your blood. Quick action and fast movement. +2 dexterity, +2 spot or listen, +2 survival, +2 any other skill.

Beranok: Strong willed, resourceful, enduring.
1) Lowlands: Forresters and orchard farmers, living on plots of family land in large communal houses nestled in the hidden valleys doting the center of the country. Exposure to Shifters. +2 con or +2 dex, +2 survival, +2 spot or +2 listen, +2 craft wooden/leather armor or weapons, +2 any other skill

2) Highlands: Miners and hunters, surviving in the cold hills and mountains surrounding Beranok. Exposure to Dwarves. +2 con or +2 str, +2 survival, +2 spot or +2 listen, +2 craft metal armor or weapons, +2 any other skill

Three Rivers:
1) Covaris Clan: Very little is known about the Covaris Clan because of their extremely insular nature. The only thing really known about them is that all of them have a facial tatoo in the upper right of their faces, their high quality goods, and softly wispered rumors that it is a very bad idea to cross them. +2 in any but your highest attribute, +2 any one cha skill, +2 any other skill.

2) Mercantile Upbringing: You grew up involved in the mercantile guilds and clans that make up the Three Rivers. +2 cha, +2 bluff, +2 appraise, +2 sense motive

3) River Upbringing: you grew up around, in, and traveling along the three great rivers. Sailing, swimming, and fishing composed your childhood and gave you. +2 Dex, +2 any two dexterity skills, +2 swim, swim is an in class skill for you.

Racial Statistics

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