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Keldren is a low magic, medieval toned, human-centric, realistic campaign world with an emphasis on political intrigue and brutal tactical combat. Magic is rare, magical items are highly valued, arcane magic users are treated as either mistrusted criminals to enslaved animals and are often hunted down and killed. Innate magic users(sorcerers,witches,summoners) are more common than more ordered ones (wizards, etc), both because they require less formal training and because it is easier to hide their abilities. Clerical ‘magic’ is quite common – but viewed as direct divine intervention and is thus treated very differently. Rogue clerics, Druids, and other divine casters not associated with the organized churches of the area suffer some of the same stigma as arcane magic users. Bards are an exception, and are widely accepted so long as they keep their charms/compulsions to themselves.

Reclamation Campaign Setting begins during a period of great strife. The Empire of Raul’zil has been at war with the She’Sua for nearly half a decade. During that time the kingdom of Lerwein with the backing of the rest of Fleid invaded the highland kingdom of Beranok. A diplomatic failure between Fleid and Mal’tara has led to open fighting along the borders. Conflict between Raul’zil and the Covaris Clan of Mal’tara caused hostilities on their borders as well. The end result has been a militarization of the entire region and paves for road for this game.

Map of Northern Raul’zil
The campaign setting takes place in northern Raul’zil around the city of Kath’Raul “Hand of the Sun”. Kath’Raul is the trade and production hub of northern Raul’zil and from it has flowed trade from Mal’tara (and through them trade from She’Sua, Fleid, and Beranok) as well as rich natural resources produced in the region (lumber, quarried stone, ore, flour). Recent events had slowed this trade to a trickle of its former amount, but the raw materials shipped south to Kamadan have been vital for the war effort with She’Sua. Recently this too has slowed to a trickle as shipments from farms, quarries, mines, lumber camps, and small towns to the north ceased one by one. Officials were sent with armed escorts to discover what was wrong, but never returned. Days later terrified and injured refugees begin to flood into Kath’Raul from the north with tales of undead horrors overrunning their homes. Days after that the first undead were sighted as they began to attack the areas around the city. Nearly a sixth of the Empires armies were stationed in the two nearby Fortresses to defend the border with Mal’tara. These soldiers, under the leadership of Paladins and Clerics of the Order of the Sun, pushed back the undead from the lands surrounding the city and the fortresses.

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Reclamation Campaign Setting

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