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History: The Renostrii family rules the city of Renostrus in South-Eastern Mal’tara. Despite their distance form Raul’zil and proximity to She’Sua they are strict followers of Adanos. This has caused them a great deal of difficulty with the followers of Izil in She’Sua.The noble family has been around for most of the recorded history spanning all the way back to the mages war. They were incorporated into Mal’tara just under two centuries ago after many years of war. The Renostrii had long been allied with several noble families in Raul’zil, with ties by marriage, religion, and trade agreements binding them. These families supplied support for the Renostrii in the beginning of the war but a large outbreak of hostilities between Raul’zil and She’Sua ended most of the support as well as caused She’Sua sympathizers to sabotage the Renostrii war efforts. Once defeat seemed certain the Renostrii offered terms for surrender which allowed them to pledge fealty and pay taxes to Mal’tara, but remain the rulers of their previous territory.

Culture: The Renostrii are the cultural inheritors of a pre-mage war civilization that managed to hold the city through the dark ages. They value tradition, education, faith, familial loyalty, and military service – and their city reflects this. They hold themselves apart from the rest of Mal’tara and still see themselves as superior.

Daigan Renostrii: Fighter – Current Patron of the family, strict and dignified with a head for military strategy. Daigan’s rule has seen the Renostrii’s fortunes rise higher than they have been since their subjugation to Mal’tara. He is not well liked, thought his wife is, but he is very well respected.

Lianna Renostrii: Aristocrat – Daigan’s wife and current matron of the family, niece of the last emperor of Raul’zil. Brought up in court, she is extremely adept with diplomacy and oversees much of the family’s foreign affairs. She is very religious and well loved by the citizenry of the city, even the indigenous worshipers of Izil

Talum Renostrii: Scholar – Daigan’s elder cousin and current master of coin for the family. Oversee’s most of the family’s trade, taxation, and upkeep. Talum opened a new wing in the renowned Studium in Renostrus to train clerks, bankers, merchants which has greatly benefited the family.

Mal’tara: neutral
Raul’zil: friendly
Beranok: neutral
She’sua: strained
Fleid: neutral


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