Day 13: Expedition for the Cure

Day 13: Expedition for the Cure

The party travels through the night into the northern lands above Two Rivers Hold, heading with all speed towards the old witch. They find her lair at the top of a windy cliff trail, and ring the gong to call her out. Old Lia meets with them and tells them she doesn’t know a cure, but that she thinks something in Two Rivers Hold had a similar affliction. They make there way back to the hold and find the girl, who under great pressure informs them that she used the poison on her friend and rival for her husbands affections. They threaten to tell her husband unless she tells them who she got it from – and she fingers old lia.

The party hustles back to confront old lia again – on the path up to her lair they have an avalanche of rocks hit them. The party manages to not get swept off the cliff, and bruised and battered continue on. Cathal notices a strange rune on this bow – and as he reads the nonsensical letters the bow explodes and almost breaks. Ashley mends the bow with her powers. The party then enters the lair of the witch, and begain exploring it while Mavka’s and Aylin’s magical healing begin to mend their wounds. They come to a great locked door, which they inspect for traps. They find and disable two magical fire traps – but as they enter an unknown spell or trap triggers and damages more of the party. They continue down a rock tunnel lined with carvings and wall hangings – tarnished by their great age. They come to another great stone door, open, but covered in hanging strands of rocks, beads, and bones. Some of the party enter to confront Old Lia, Lucian, Ashley, and the guard stay back at first. Some strange affliction of madness takes hold of Lucian, taking away his personality and intellect. At the same time the party accuses Old Lia of making the poison and lying to them. She threatens them and tells them to leave. The party attacks her – Cathal shooting arrows – Brogar charging forward – Mavka transforming and her and her wolf attacking – Ashley shooting magic missiles from a wand – and Lucian wandering in and in a haze punching Ashley repeatedly. Old Lia transforms into a huge snapping turtle, with additional strange appendages and shifting features that remind the party of the Red Terror. Her pet snake attacks Brogar as he charges, attempting to bite and grapple him. Cathal hears Old Lia insult him and say “be blind”, at which point to is rendered blind. The party chops its way through her pet and manages to damage Old Lia, she then transforms into another smaller shadowy and flees through a secret passage. The door to the room suddenly collapses in and a terrible pestilent filled gas fills the room. Ashley blocked the door from collapsing with her shield, which almost breaks but is then healed by its owner. Brogar forces open the stone Door and the rest of the party flees out back into the daylight in search of Old Lia.

Cathal looks for her tracks and finds none. With the party safe, Brogar goes back inside and forces open the stone door – and loots an ancient books and a chest from the gas filled room before fleeing out again. The chest is filled with potions and two magic items, a leather totem necklace and a rough silver ring. The ancient tome is in druidic, an ancient and secret language only Mavka understands, and is filled with notes, spells, and most importantly alchemical and poison recipes. She spends the night reading the book, while most of the party sleeps, and Brogar goes hunting – returning with a boar to feed the party. Mavka returns to the cave and collects many of the basic ingredients needed for the cure. The party then sets forth that night for Two Rivers Hold, to requisition horses and resupply for the trip back to Skytower Hold.



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