Day 13: Night of the Full Moon

Day 13: Night of the Full Moon

The party then sets forth that night for Two Rivers Hold, to requisition horses and resupply for the trip back to Skytower Hold.

They are favorably received, and horses and supplies are quickly delivered. An alchemist is sought out for the rare elemental earth needed in the cure. He takes them back to his shop, but the ingredient is strangely missing, and he cant find it even though he swore he had some. The party settles down in free rooms in two different inns, and unwind. Soon word reaches them that the Red Terror victims being housed in the Church of Gargerot are moving and moaning, where before they were silent and still. A stranger had been observubg most of them in the common room of the larger inn and follows them when they leave for the church.
The party members (minus Mavka) arrive at the church to find it filled with frantic activity – priests and priestesses rushing around attempting to help the afflicted. Guards and worried family and friends fill the room. Aylin, Cathal, Ashley, and Lucian all examine the victims but find nothing new other then the obvious. Soon the moonlight from a full moon shines down through the class domed ceiling. Then all hell breaks loose.

The victims writhe, shriek, stretch, distort, shift and then howl. They have transformed into shifting vulpine nightmares. They all attack those closest to them – pounching and consuming them. The party and some of the guards and priests fight back. Brogar and Aylin wade in with their weapons – felling their monstrous foes. Cathal guards the high priest, cut off from his allies, and drops enemies with every twang of his bow. Lucian quickly fled from the middle of the carnage – and sent magical winds and blasts of fire into the fray – killing foes and grappled non-combatants as well. Ashley becomes ethereal and fells several powerful foes with magic missiles from her wand. Even so the waves of monsters begain to overwhelm the party – more come up from the catacombs below and down through the now shattered domed roof. A stranger comes in and helps turn the tide with a well executed breathe of fire and an elegant dance through the monsters, cutting into them with every step. After some time the remaining shifting werewolves flee out windows and up through the ceiling as a great shieking howl is heard. The party and the survivors rush to the windows to see the Red Terror outside on a roof – howling – its creations/thralls clamoring around their master.

The survivors of the town – which was attacked at the same time as the church – come straggling into the chuch – half clothed old men and boys clutching weapons as they cover the retreat of their families. The church doors open to let them in, and once the flood of survivors ceases the doors and closed and baricaded. The church is fortified, and its defenses are organized. Laura, the wife of the deceased High Thane Kaldin, The captain of the guard, the Steward of Two rivers hold, and the High Priest of Gargerot begin making the hard decisions about what to do next. With some of the party’s help – the captain of the guards and Brogar are dissuaded from going out to attack the monsters. Everyone hunkers down for the night – and survives.



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