Day 15-35: Catch Up

Day 15-35: Catch Up

The party returns to Sky-Tower Hold and cures Garrett of his Poison. He abdicates his claim in favor of his younger brother Thurgis- who has been diligently defending their people during the red terror crises after their fathers murder.

The party splits up to do their own things
-Cathal drowns his sorrows over his executed friends by sleeping with an adventuring rogue and a barmaid, and then meeting and wooing his childhood friends sister. Who was in town to pick up her brothers body.

-Mavka goes to meet up with the Wolf tribe, she encounters winter wolves, meets up with Wolf tribe and their allies, and helps them in their preparations against them Dragon and Bear Clans.

-Brogar/Cathal/Lucian/ Binder decide to go explore some ancient ruins north of Beranok. They travel through shifter territory, encounter many werewolves, find the ruins of an ancient city. Explore and loot EVERYTHING !!!!! In the process they encounter a large group of Duke Durrel’s Knights, Led by several Order of the Black Wyvern knights. They help them against a large group of werevolves, discovering at great cost that these are not the mindless monsters they have been fighting till now, but werewolves who have regained their minds. Lucian is killed – but the party uses a prism machine of the ancients to revive him. They also discover references to a plague of monsters from long ago who are similar to the red terror and the beasts he creates, and to a Moon Sword that legend tells can kill him. On their way out of the ruins they encounter an ancient Lich, guarding an orb that lucian has been searching for. Several other ancient and powerful relics are also recovered.

Once the group returns to Sky-Tower Hold – they start investigating Heloken and his nefarious activities. They learn of his working relationship with Li’ett and start digging. They discover some irregularities regarding weapons trafficking and the attacks on the drawern emissaries. Li’ett is involved with and confront him violently. It appeared to observers that the party attacked first. They kill heloken, and capture Li’ett turning him over to the Dwarvern emissaries. The party then leaves the city to avoid comlications from their fight with Li’ett.

Several days later they learn: ***********************************************

**A trial was held, where Li’ett’s innocence was hotly debated. After it looked like he would be cleared of all charges, he was found dead, and the Dwarvern ambassadors were implicated. Another trial was held, with Lord Avis and Duke Durrell pushing for the execution of the ambassadors. When High Lord Kurdis refused, Avis called for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and a new election of High Lord. The Council of Jarls turned violent, several Jarls and their Thanes were killed or injured and the now deposed High Lord Kurdis was taken into custody. The Jarls then appointed Avis the new High Lord of Beranok, who’s first act was to order the execution of the Dwarvern Ambassadors

**Fighting between the followers of Avis and Kurdis/Reinne broke out all over the city and spread into the provinces of Beranok. Kurdis’ son Njal, now the High Jarl of Red Valley hold, has rallied his fathers and brothers supporters and is now in open rebellion against High Lord Avis. High Jarl Thurgis of Two Rivers and High Jarl Ludin of Lake Town Hold have both declared in favor of Avis, with High Jarl Thord still undecided.

**The Dwarves are enraged over the murder of their Ambassadors and have declared war on Beranok. They have ceased all trade, even with Red Valley, and called all their people home. They have began patrolling around their home and building fortifications above ground.

**The Shifter Ambassadors, who were under home arrest in Sky-Tower Hold, decided it was time to go home. No one noticed them leaving. Relations with the Shifters are highly strained, and border skirmishes are occurring.

**The Kingdom of Mal’tara are indifferent to the changes other than mild annoyance at the disruption in trade, but with so much fighting they look forward to trade increasing.

**The other Dukedoms of Fleid are relatively indifferent to the conflict, slightly jealous/concerned of Duke Durell and his Son’s ascension, but glad that the ‘barbaric’ people of Beranok are being brought under the heel of one of their fellow dukes.

**Raul’zil is completely indifferent to the occurrence within Beranok. The Emperor has been said to have commented that he would like a pelt of stuffed model of the Red Terror when its finally killed.



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