Day ~ 71

Day ~ 71

The party managed to defend Red Valley Hold against the soldiers of Lerwein led by the OotBW mages and their summoned allies. Ding your all level 13

Despite their efforts the toll on the Hold was great
-37 soldiers died defending the Keep
-76 soldiers died protecting the city
-192 civilians were killed, mostly by the Nalphasne, Ice Devil, and Galbrazu

The party managed to slay
-23 Fleid soldiers (crossbowmen, pikemen, infantry)
-Captain OotBW Calorn Grendus (eldritch knight 12)
-OotBW Knights Balwin, Derick, Casandra ( Magus 10,10,11)
-Unknown Crossbow wielding Black Knight (Anti-Paladin 11)
-3 summon monster IX’s: Nalphasne, Ice Devil, Galbrazu

//////////////////////////////// Loot /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
-purple gold holy symbol, 1 conductive spellstoring repeating crossbow(silver metal, black heartwood, dragon designs), +1 desecrated mithril plate, 5x(3 ring of protection, 3 cloak of resistance)(OotBW), Black leather with red scales and gold buckle Belt (4 Belt of dexterity), 4x +1 mithril Breastplate, 2x +2 mithril shield, 2x +1 keen scimitar, +1 spellstoring longbow, +2 headband of int, +2 headband of cha, all of the soldiers equipment went to other combatants as their share.
-from discussions no one wanted to keep anything, so its all headed to sale. OotBW equipment with insignia/embossing sells for 1/5 normal value, everything else at 1/2, then modified by best appriase/diplomacy checks and +10% trait for luscian as normal. Before rolls its worth ~69k once sold which will take at least a week maybe more depending on where you sell it :)

Red Wall Fort was also attacked at the same time as the 4 groups of enemies that teleported into Red Valley Hold by the army camped outside its gates led by High Lord Avis. The fighting was fierce and deadly, the Fort barely managed to hold back the tide of Beranok and Lerwein troops, with their siege weapons and spell-casters, until reinforcements arrived from Red Valley Hold (~100 troops + Brogar + Teneb + Cathal). The troops let their comrades rest and heal and the three heroes stepped into the breach and took the brunt of the assault.

Start of Battle:
Red Wall Fort: ~100 thanes, 100 rangers, 100 others

-Lerwein: ~300 mercenaries, 200 inf, 160 knights, 150 cross, 100 Pike
-Beranok: ~100 Thanes, 100 rangers, 100 other

Red Wall Fort: ~50 Thanes, 50 Rangers + Cathal/Brogar/Teneb

Casualties of the Battle for Red Wall Fortress

Initial Losses:
- 20 Rangers, 58 thanes, 28 other
Losses after Reinforcements:
-26 Rangers, 13 Thanes, 19 other

Initial Kills:
-35 crossbowmen, 39 mercenaries, 47 infantry, 9 knights, 12 pike, 36 Beranok
Kills After Reinforcements:
-19 crossbowmen, 34 mercenaries, 49 infantry,1 4 knights, 15 pike, 57 Beranok

Sneak attack on Camp:
~ 90 soldiers were slain, 12x 8+ caviliers, magus and antipaladin

The party managed to slay
-191 Fleid soldiers (crossbowmen, pikemen, infantry)
-OotBW Knights Bragus ( Magus 11)
-Unknown Cleric (Cleric 12)
-OotBW Magus (Magus 10)
-Unknown Antipaladin (11)



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