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Renostrus is the southern trade city of [[Mal’tara]] , ruled by the Renostrii a noble family who has ruled the area for over four centuries. The Renostrii control the trade in and out of She’Sua, but relations with these southern neighbors has always been uneasy due to religious conflict. This was greatly exacerbated by The Great War where the city states of She’Suah besieged the city of Renostrus for years.

Old History:

The Renostrii are the cultural inheritors of a pre-mage war civilization that managed to hold the city through the dark ages. They value tradition, education, faith, familial loyalty,and military service – and their city reflects this.

There are four buildings of note in Renostrus, the Studium – an ancient center of learning, the Cathedral of Adanos, the Arena – an ancient stone stadium used for military training and public events, and the Renostrii Palace – a sprawling fortress that has been expanded continually over the centuries.


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