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This contains all of the forces in play in the campaign so far – as troops and npc’s die – allies are gained – new enemies are made – etc then these will change.

Fleid has ~10,000 soldiers but only Lerwein is actively involved currently
~600 infantry, 300 knights, 500 crossbowmen, 400 Pikemen, 300 mercenaries, ~30 OotBW
Home: 300 inf, 100 knights, 250 cross, 200 Pike
Skytower: 50 inf, 50 cross, 50 pike, 20 knights
Two Rivers: 25 inf, 25 cross, 25 pike, 10 knights
Lake Town: 25 inf, 25 cross, 25 pike, 10 knights
Camp: 300 mercenaries, 200 inf, 160 knights, 150 cross, 100 Pike

Beranok: Beranok is organized by High Jarls, leading the Jarls be-neigh them and the Thanes who follow them.

Split between following Avis, neutral, and opposing Avis

Skytower Hold: Avis is High Lord, most follow him loyally
-250 thanes, 200 rangers, 100 other

Two Rivers Hold: High Jarl Thurgis supports Avis, some tension
-150 thanes, 200 rangers, 100 other

Lake Town Hold: – High Jarl Ludin Dead – was supporting Avis – currently in chaos
-150 thanes, 150 rangers, 200 mercs, 100 other

Camp: from those following him Avis has ~100 Thanes, 100 rangers, 100 other at the camp

Black Mountain Hold: Thord is undecided yet, and has his hands full with the werewolves
-250 thanes, 250 rangers, 175 other

Red Valley Hold: Njal is current High Jarl, opposes Avis,
-350 thanes, 300 rangers, 200 others
Guarding Fort: 100 thanes, 100 rangers, 100 others guarding Fort
Red Valley: 150 thanes, 100 rangers, 50 others
Other Holds: 100 thanes, 100 rangers, 50 others

Shifters: allied with red valley and each other, resisting the werewolves
-Moon Tribe: 150 combatants, druids/rangers/true-shifters

  • Z’kal – Druid 11(fire) – former shifter has regained control over himself and is gathering werewolves(~75) to follow him.

(too far to help)(Treaty with the moon tribe)
-Raven Tribe: 175 combatants, druids/rangers/true-shifters

Red Terror: attacking black mountain and shifters
~1000-1500 werewolves

Barbarians: Dragon, Boar, and lesser tribes against Wolf and Serpent

Wolf tribe:
~700 combatants(all with wolves), 200 dire wolves, 50 winter wolves (10 adv), Mav’ka and Morag (Huge adv winter wolf),
1) 53 veteran soldiers were helped to reach home by Mav’ka and Cathal/Luscian
2) Winter wolves were brought from the high mountains to join the tribe
3) the Serpent tribe has joined the wolves against the Boars/Dragons in their valley
Serpent Tribe:
~70 combatants, 30 Shaman(8+) (druids/clerics)

Boar: ~900 combatants, 50 Ogres, 25 giants (hill,frost,stone),Servesh two-tusk (Druid 14),Drenga the Impaler (barbarian 15)
Dragon: ~1000 combatants, 50 lizard riders, 1/2 dragons, dragons, Braa’ses: ½ dragon druid 16(fire), Ancient red dragon
Lesser: ~500 combatants

Dwarves: the dwarves have been pushed underground by a massive horde of undead led by Sa’arid and the other order of the black wyrm.
-400 fighters(9+), 100 gunslingers(9+), 50 clerics(9+) (500 more can fight to defend)
~ Skeletal animals, Zombie werewolves, Shadows, ghouls, devourers, OotBW spell casters, Sa’arid
*Undead hold the outer walls and entrance battling in the tunnels

Dead Enemies of note:
Meilar – OotBW ‘knight’ 11 enemy of Mav’ka – killed/ undead killed + body destroyed by fire
Eluna – OotBW Magus 10 (bow) killed near Red Valley – body hidden
Nerac – OotBW Magus 10 (shield) killed near Red Valley – body hidden
-8x veteran knights – cavilier 8 – killed near Red Valley
-Heloken – killed by party and Mask taken by Teneb, held to prevent coming back
-Talris – OotBW Magus 10 – left to die against werewolves in ruins in the north
-High Jarl Ludin – Aristocrat 9 lord of Laketown – killed by Cathal/Luscian rescuing Katrina
-Ancient Lich – killed in ancient city ruins, phylactery destroyed
-10 headed Cyro-Hydra – killed in northern caves ruins


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