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When you see a man or women with a sprawling tattoo over their right eye and with a smile on their face walking towards you, a bargain will soon be struck. Odds are that it will probably not be in your favor. The Covaris Clan have been around as long as anyone can remember, buying and selling everything that isn’t bolted down to the floor – and sometimes those things as well. Their distinctive tattoo’s and hairstyles are easily recognized and provide the members of the clan with the reputation and protection earned by their ancestors over the centuries.


Until recently the Covaris Clan were the governors of Sanctus, the south-eastern trade city of [[Mal’tara]]. This gave them control of the river trade in and out of Fleid (through Lerwein) as well as all river trade into as well as most of the land trade out of Raul’zil. About 100 years ago, the Covaris Clan moved into the ruins of the Razed city (destroyed by Fleid to keep Raul’zil from using it as a base of operation) and began to restore it. When the king of Mal’tara and his forces came knocking a few years later they were welcomed by the clan with open arms, who immediately handed over control (along with the maintenance costs) of the trade hub over to the king. After a decade of expansion the clan owned most of the property within the city and controlled most of the trade coming in and out. The King eventually turned over rule of the city to the clan in vassalage to the crown in exchange for returning those maintenance costs to them.

The Covaris Clan had an established trade network before settling and restoring the city and had agents in cities all over the continent. This provided the clan with an enormous advantage in procuring information – which they act upon and sell in equal amounts. A running joke is that the Covaris are always smiling, because they know something you don’t.

Recent History:

As a prelude to the start of The Great War a conflict arose between the Covaris Clan and the Renostrii. Property was destroyed and lives were lost on both sides. While the Covaris Clan was distracted and much of their leadership was occupied negotiating with the Renostrii in Sestrus an army from Raul’zil marched into their territory on its way to Lerwein. The Covaris Clan objected to the army moving through their territory and obstructed it. In response the army attacked and took over the city, and thus begin The Great War. The Covaris Clan managed to evacuate most of their people and belongings through portals to Beranok but did take serious losses. With the ruins of Sanctus in their possession the armies of Raul’zil moved to engage the forces of Lerwein and continued to use Sanctus as a base of operations for the remainder of the war. When the war ended the remains of the Raul’zil army looted and left Sanctus in ruins.

The Covaris Clan is nothing if not resilient, and despite the loss of their city and The Great War ravaging the lands they spread out and built new trading posts in Beranok, eastern Fleid, northern Mal’tara particularly Paratus and even in the Barbarian Highlands in the far north. Some of the Covaris Clan , and one notable paragon in particular – Luscian Vesarius-Covaris – sided with the followers of Nerak and Teneb during The Great War. This association has stained their reputation and many members of the clan find they are less welcome in their travels. While quick to shrug off any continued relations with the church of Nerak the Covaris Clan were some of the first converts to the church of Teneb. They hold many positions of authority within the Tenebian Church and even boast several members who claim descendance from Teneb when he was still mortal.

Covaris Clan Member:

Tattoos: all members of the clan have tattoos over their right eye composed of flowing pictographs. They are nearly incomprehensible to outsiders but the tattoos tell members of the clan the name, occupation, history, and family of the person in question. As members get older, more tattoos are added flowing around and above the eye to the head. Many older or influential members of the clan shave the right side of their head to display their ever growing decoration.

Sub-Clans: The Covaris clan is made up of a collection of family’s that have been incorporated into the clan over the centuries. While they intermarry and are loyal to the clan as a whole they also are proud of their family names and family connections and interactions are a large part of their interactions.
1) True-Covaris are the head family, decedents of the original nomadic traders. They are the largest family and have the most resources and influence on the Clan’s Policy. Members of this family are afforded special treatment within the clan and are the ones who govern the city and organize the rest of the family’s.
2) Lenaris are the second most influential family in the clan, brought in over three centuries ago. They are descendants of the nomadic horse tribes of what is now northern Raul’zil. They operate most of the land trade of the clan, and have outposts and clan halls throughout Raul’zil. They are excellent horsemen and warriors, and make up much of the clan’s military strength.
3) Vesarius is the third most influential family, but only by a slim margin to the Brinus. The family lost several of their holdings and many members 25 years ago to conflict with followers of Adanos and his holy order of Paladins. Details are not available but their standing in the clan suffered greatly and they are only just beginning to recover. Vesarius has the most scattered holdings of any family but because of that they provide the most information back to the clan.
4) Brinus is the fourth most influential family, but has been strongly on the rise, especially since their Matriarch Caitryn is now the first speaker of the clan. They have strong connections and many holdings in She’Sua and have been invaluable in the Clans expansion into that region.


Caitlyn Brinus-Covaris: Witch 10 – current first on the council and matriarch of the Brinus family. Even before her ascension to either position she was one of the most powerful members of the clan and was responsible for much of the clans progress in She’Sua. She has many contacts in that region and a known dislike for the Renostrii.

Berin Vesarius-Covaris: Rogue – patriarch of the Vesarius family and head merchant of the clan. He is one of the older members and rarely leaves Sanctus anymore, but he is afforded great respect by everyone in the clan and is the guiding hand behind all the clan’s mercantile success.

Brash True-Covaris: Barb/Rogue – a bit of an anomaly – Brash was a pit fighting champion in Raul’zil who was discovered and freed by the current head of the True-Covaris, Kurin. After a long and profitable partnership in their youth, Kurin had Brash odopted into the clan and Brash has been a fiercly loyal defender of the clan since. Currently the warleader of the clan and in charge of the defenses of Sanctus.

Kurin True-Covaris: Bard – Kurin is the patriach of the True-Covaris family and a respected performer and teacher. His traveling days are near their end, but he takes a very active role in the diplomacy of the clan and in training their younger generation.

Diego Lenaris-Covaris: cavilier/rogue – patriarch of the Lenaris family and head of the clan’s trading in Raul’zil. Well respected trader, warrior, and horsemen.

Covaris Clan

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