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Lerwein is the southern dukedom of Fleid, ruled by Duke Darrell Lerweis. It has been ruled by the house of Lerweis for over three centuries and was the last of the Fleid Dukedoms to fall during Arch-Duke Dergian’s unification of Fleid about 150-120 years ago.

Geography: Lerwein is the south-eastern Dukedom of Fleid and borders Beranok in the east, Mal’tara in the south to south-east, the Dukedom of Reslin to the north-east, and the Dukedom of Mardis to the north-west. Their border with Mal’tara shares the river Thergwen which runs from the city of Paratus south-west to the city of Sanctus. The river Caswen runs from the Kethaldren the capital of Mardis south to the Jeranos the capital of Lerwein. From there the Caswen runs south to the city of Sanctus. Most of Lerwein is plains and grasslands, with a smattering of hills leading into mountain ranges in the south-west. Across those mountains lies the northern portion of Raul’zil but as they are nearly impassable their is no contact with that area.

Capital: The capital of Lerwein is Jeranos, named for Jeran Lerweis the original patron of the family and founder of the city. Jeran conquered the region nearly 300 years ago and built a castle to help rule the surrounding lands. A town sprung up around the castle which other the years grew into a large city. Much of the trade between Fleid and Mal’tara passes through the city and has provided the Lerweis family with a great deal of wealth over the centuries.

Mal’tara: Mixed (trade and exchange of mercenaries)(friendly with Covaris Clan but unfriendly with the city of Paratus and the Consortium due to past war)
Raul’zil: neutral (past wars, current trade)
Beranok: Mixed (mixed reaction due to past wars, defeat of barbarians, current politics)
She’Sua: neutral (trade and exchange of mercenaries)
Fleid: Mixed (varies from Duke to Duke, many threatened by Lerwein’s power)

Duke Darrell Lerweis: Male Knight – age 46 – third son of the former Duke Morden, has a reputation as a fierce warrior which he gained hiring out as a mercenary and winning tournaments in his youth. Ascended to the throne after both of his older brothers died in a border skirmish with Mal’tara soldiers. Since his ascension he has gained great infamy by establishing the Order of the Black Wrym, rebuilding many of Lerwien’s towns and forts, revitalizing the counties economy, and winning battles with Beranok, Mal’tara, other Dukes of Fleid, and recently defeating the barbarian horde.

Avis Lerweis: male Cavalier – age 20 – the duke’s son and heir, a skilled horsemen. Currently High Lord of Beranok after a Coup d’├ętat over High Lord Kurdis of Red Valley.

Archmage Seran Drasko: male Wizard – age 49 – adviser to the duke and Archmage of Lerwein. Conjurer of great power and reputation.

Li’et: Bard – friend and companion of Avis, court bard of Lerwein

Lady Viera: consort to the duke, occasional diplomat for Lerwein

Order of the Black Wrym : highest order of knights in Fleid, founded by Duke Darrell himself. Many are also trained in the mystic arts by Archmage Drasko and are true terrors on the battlefield.


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