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Overview of Keldren:
Keldren is a low magic, medieval toned, human-centric, realistic campaign world with an emphasis on political intrigue, religion & divine interaction, and brutal tactical combat. Magic is rare, magical items are highly valued, arcane magic users are treated as either mistrusted criminals to enslaved animals and are often hunted down and killed. Innate magic users (sorcerers, bards, summoners) are more common than more ordered ones (wizards, witches, magus), both because they require less formal training and because it is easier to hide their abilities. Clerical ‘magic’ is quite common – but viewed as direct divine intervention and is thus treated very differently. Rogue clerics, Druids, and other divine casters not associated with the organized churches of the area suffer some of the same stigma as arcane magic users. Bards are an exception, and are widely accepted so long as they keep their charms/compulsions to themselves.

Gods and Mythology for more information about gods: their domains, alignment, and mythos

Countries for everything and anything about the countries of Keldren and their people

Maps since I can only upload 1 map to this site here are all the other maps

History the history of keldren dating back to the mages war

GM Info this is mostly stuff for me to have all my notes in one place

Current Campaigns:
Fate of Mal’tara: all the details for the new campaign including character creation, backstory, etc (started June 2018)
Fate of Mal’tara NPC

Old Campaigns:

Reclamation Campaign Setting all the details for the new campaign including character creation, backstory, etc (started and ended 2016)

Highlands of Beranok Campaign: all the details for the campaign including character creation, backstory, etc. (started June 2011 and ended May 2015)

Link with information on the enemies arrayed against you and the allies helping you on several fronts. War

Old Character Creation 3.5 rule additions : not currently in use
Old Adventure Rewards : Currently not in use
Old Economy changes to fix 3.5 : Currently not in use

Main Page

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