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Sanctus is the south-eastern trade city of [[Mal’tara]], governed by the Covaris Clan. It controls the river trade in and out of Fleid (through Lerwein) as well as all river trade into as well as most of the land trade out of Raul’zil. It is built upon the intersection of 5 rivers, and much of the city is built over and around them. Barges and boats of all shapes and sizes move through the city and bridges separate it into many different small districts.

The city has been the focal point of several battles between Fleid,Raul’zil, and Mal’tara over the centuries, and has been repeatedly conquered and reconquered. After the last such event, about 70 years ago, the Covaris Clan moved into the ruins of the Razed city (destroyed by Fleid to keep Raul’zil from using it as a base of operation) and began to restore it. When the king of Mal’tara and his forces came knocking a few years later they were welcomed by the clan with open arms, who immediately handed over control (along with the maintenance costs) of the trade hub over to the king. After a decade of expansion the clan owned most of the property within the city and controlled most of the trade coming in and out. The King eventually turned over rule of the city to the clan in vassalage to the crown in exchange for returning those maintenance costs to them.

Sanctus is a very open trading city, where for the right price anything is available. One commodity in particular that is a staple for the sprawling town is information. The Covaris Clan had an established trad network before settling and restoring the city and still have agents in cities all over the continent.


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