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Sestrus City Map A map of the city of Sestrus in Mal’tara

Sestrus City Districts and Locations Map A map of the city of Sestrus in Mal’tara with Districts and Locations.

Sestrus Districts and Buildings Table A Table with the districts of the city and their notable locations and occupants.

General Information:

Sestrus is the capital ofMal’tara and is ruled by a council formed of its major Temples, Guilds, and Noble Families. It lies in the center of the kingdom and is connected to its three main cities by long stone canals leftover from the time before the mages war. Sestrus is the central location of trade between all the neighboring kingdoms, is extremely opulent, rich in culture and religion, and full of ancient and beautiful stonework. Mal’tara as a whole is open to all worship, with the exception of truely evil and destructive gods such as Nerak. The primary deities of Sestrus used to be Lor and Theth. The Temple of the Elements, built to celebrate all aspects of these two gods was the cities religious center. The Temple of the Elements was destroyed in The Great War and most of the clergy of the two gods were killed. While Sestrus rebuilt following the war other gods gained prominence and the worship of Lor and Theth dwindled.

Old History:
Sestrus started as a small but thriving farming town in the lush center of the country. This changed after an accidental discovery during the digging of a well and an ancient city was discovered. Settlers and explorers flocked from all over the continent to search for buried riches and to excavate and claim the ruins below. Even after four hundred years new buildings and relics are still being unearthed in the lower and outer regions of city. Canals leading from the city to the great rivers and fortresses throughout the region allowed the city an unparalleled advantage to move its goods and troops, leading to its prominence in the region. Centuries of competition and warfare allowed the city state to swallow its neighbors one by one, leading to the Kingdom of Mal’tara which means “The three rivers”.

Recent History:

In the Aftermath of The Great War the united clergy of the temples of Sestrus banded together to form the Temple Guard to defend the city and Mal’tara. The Temple Guard is made up of both member of the martial orders of the individual temples as well as lay soldiers who are sworn in to protect the city and serve the temples and government as a whole. The Temple Guard is the primary military force of Sestrus and performs the many duties of: guarding the city, patrolling its streets, enforcing its laws, patrolling the countryside, escorting caravans, clergy, and dignitaries, and fighting in any wars. In times of need the Temple Guard is augmented with soldiers provided by the Noble Houses and mercenaries hired by the Guilds.

City Information :
Lawful Neutral Metropolis – Capital City of Mal’tara
City Government: Council of Guilds, Temples, and Noble Families
City Statistics:
Economy: +3 Crime + 2 Law +3 Lore +3 Society +6 Corruption 0 Danger + 15
Base Value: 16,000 gp Purchase Limit: 80,000 gp
Spell-casting: 9th divine / 5th arcane ( access to spell over 4th level restricted by Council)

Characteristics: Holy Site, Notorious, Strategic Location, Academic, Superstitous
Problems: Northern Blight, Refugee Crisis, State of ‘war’ with Renostrus, Lack of trade

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