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The lands of She’sua border Mal’tara and its city of Renostrus in the north, the great red mountain range to the west, and the Desert Empire of Raul’zil to the south-west. It is composed of marshlands to the south and west, forests to the east and north, and lush farmlands in the middle. Rivers crisscross the country, bringing irrigation, travel, and trade throughout She’Sua.

Mal’tara: indifferent (trade partner)(Renostrii strained)
Beranok: indifferent (limited interaction)
Fleid: friendly (hire mercenaries and trade)
Raul’zil: hostile (religious conflict, past wars)

The people of She’Sua are short and pale, wiry and hard, brilliant and viscous. They live in large floating wooden towns in the swamps as well as villages built in the great redwoods of the forests. The She’Sua are organized into families, clans, guilds, factions, city states, and regions. Their interpersonal relations are very difficult for outsiders to understand. Two She’Sua could be of the same guild and work together every few months on projects, be of two different families who hate each other and often fight, both part of the same clan due to ancestral marriages and so they attend clan celebrations together, hail from competitive city states who raid each others territory, but part of the same region and would ally together vs raiders from a different one. The two would act differently towards each other in settings appropriate to each type of relationship and would be confused that it didn’t make perfect sense to the outsider.

She’Sua Clans and Families

She’Sua City States and Guilds

Religions: She’Sua fanatically worship Izil and his pantheon, and despise Adanos and his siblings. They are practice a form of ancestor worship, with both spiritual and practical applications. Spiritually they give offerings, pray for guidance, and strive to bring honor to their ancestors and family names. Practically they use divine magic to receive aid from their ancestors, even going so far as to revive them as undead. This is not to say that necromancy is sanctioned in She’Sua, only very specific forms of ancestor worship. Animating the body of someone who isn’t your ancestor or at the wrong time or wrong reasons is a very severe offense to the followers of Izil. So is using magic to extend one’s life past the point of natural death, Izil is the god of life and death and his followers accept that death is a natural part of life. Followers of Adanos can’t see the difference between these practices and more evil necromantic practices, and this is one of the points of contention between the two religions.


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